One Minute Silence Release Trailer For ‘Fragmented Armageddon’

One Minute Silence have released a trailer for their new E.P due to be released this year entitled ‘Fragmented Armageddon’ it can be watched below! I have to say I used to love One Minute Silence back in the day ever since I saw them supporting Slipknot at Brighton back in 2002, as a result I’m super hyped about the idea of them returning! Anyway check out the trailer and Enjoy!



Metallica Release Trailer For Their New Live DVD

Let me just start by saying I’ll be away for a couple of days as I’ll be heading to Bath for the weekend to see Frank Turner, as a result this site probably won’t be updated until late Sunday or Monday!! Now onto the main piece of business, Metallica have released a full length trailer for their soon to be released new Live DVD ‘Quebec Magnetic’ and can be seen Below! Enjoy!!


Muse Release Trailer For New Album ‘The 2nd Law’

In a continued attempt to catch up with things that I missed in my absence I have noticed that last week Muse released a trailer for their new album ‘The 2nd Law’ due to be released September 17th. It has to be said having now watched the trailer multiple times I’m really not sure about how this new album is gonna sound.. the first half is orchestral and quite reminiscent of the Brilliant ‘Exogenesis’ trilogy found on ‘The Resistance’, the second half however is basically bordering on dubstep which I think may be a step too far for many of Muse’s fans who were questioning even songs such as ‘Unidisclosed Desires’ on the last album. I will be waiting for this album with a bit of baited breath as I have to admit the trailer does have me slightly worried that they have completely gone off on a tangent the type of which I can’t see them coming back from! In my opinion I think they pushed some of the limits too far on ‘The Resistance’ in places and is part of the reason why I barely listen to that album bar a couple of tracks! And I’m left fearing now they’ve gone even further from the Muse that I loved on the first 4 albums, I guess come September 17th we’ll all find out for certain! Until then check out the trailer below!