Video Of The Week – Biffy Clyro – ‘Different People’ (Live The O2)

This week I have decided to put up the live video that Biffy Clyro Posted on YouTube yesterday of themselves performing ‘Different People’ at the O2 on their recent tour a show that I was in attendance, I chose this for two reasons the first being that it just plain rocks the second being this all but confirms that there will be a DVD release of the show I would suspect which is good news as I’ll get another permanent keepsake of a show I was at! Anyway Enjoy Peeps!



Biffy Clyro – The O2 – Live Review – 03/04/2013

Ive been meaning to do this for the last few days but kept getting distracted so I really should apologise for the belated nature of this review!, as previously mentioned I traveled up to the O2 in London last week to see Biffy Clyro yet again, and it has to be said every time I go to the O2 I forget how big that place really is!!

Support: –

The support like Bournemouth was once again ‘City & Colour’ the only difference was that this time we got to see their entire set as apposed to walking in a few songs in, I have to say though my opinion of them changed very little however, I think that they are pretty good musicians and they put forward a really strong performance, that being said I found it hard to be particularly enthralled or excited by any of their material, solid enough live just not for me I’m afraid.

Main Headliner: –

That brings me to the almighty Biffy Clyro and the 13th time I’ve seen them!! Obviously having seen a band that many times gives you more than a good idea what to expect! Biffy were in astonishing form, a band in full flow amid touring and it shows as they pulled off yet another showstopping performance! I thought the sound all night was amazing especially considering the size of the venue that they were filling!! I know every time I see them I say that the ending to ‘That Golden Rule’ sounds even more monstrous or epic but it really is true and somehow at the O2 it was taken up an even bigger notch!

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the Bournemouth show because it was a more intimate venue and you get all the bonus’ that come with that, but if truth be told I had much more fun at this show, I found the crowd to be quite flat at Bournemouth for parts of the show that intertwined with the annoyance of people talking at the top of their voices during the acoustic numbers really did bother me, none of this was true at the O2 however as it was much more of a party atmosphere everyone was there to have a good time and this really showed with the near word for word sing-alongs all night and the dancing. The party atmosphere also seemed to reverberate back to the band as they seemed to be having a lot more fun than the sometimes serious more workmanlike Biffy Clyro. The band also took the chance to take full advantage of the huge arena bring large fire pyro’s with them, making it snow confetti to ‘The Thaw’ before the confetti deluge for show closer ‘Mountains’, all of which were absent from the Bournemouth show!

Highlights: –

As ever with a Biffy Clyro show it’s hard to narrow this down as the entire show was a completely flawless performance (If you ignore Simon Neil trying to sing the wrong verse during one song), I will of course always have a soft spot for the older material with ‘Glitter & Trauma’ taking the plaudits for me on this night as it sounded particularly special. In all honesty though it was some of the material from ‘Opposites’ that really hit home for me on this night as it just seemed to come alive when put in the live environment, ‘Victory Over The Sun’ is fast becoming one of my favourite Biffy Clyro songs for the last few years, ‘Sounds Like Baloons’ is a song that is clearly written for mass participation in arena’s and that’s what it gets, ‘The Thaw’ sounded every bit as lovely as it does on record and the “snow” really added, however the song that I really couldn’t get out of my head though was definitely ‘Skylight’ the performance was beautiful and the stage show that accompanied it just made it and amazing experience! It really has to be said no matter how many times I listen to/see Biffy Clyro I will never get tired of them truly one of the most phenomenal bands on the planet!! Until next time Biffy Clyro.. Until next time…

Setlist: –

‘Different People’
‘That Golden Rule’
‘Sounds Like Balloons’
‘Black Chandelier’
‘Modern Magic Formula’
‘Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies’
‘Victory Over the Sun’
‘A Day of…’
‘Spanish Radio’
‘There’s No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake’
‘God & Satan’
‘The Thaw’
‘Glitter and Trauma’
‘Who’s Got a Match?’
‘The Joke’s on Us’
‘Many of Horror’
‘Picture a Knife Fight’
‘The Captain’


‘Stingin’ Belle’