Sigur Rós Release New Single ‘Ísjaki’

Sigur Rós have released a new single entitled ‘Ísjaki’, taken from their forthcoming album ‘Kveikur’ it can be heard below! Enjoy!



Video Of The Week – Sigur Ros – Brennisteinn

I thought it was about time I started getting back into the habit of posting videos again.. so I have decided to restart by today posting the video to Sigur Ros’ new song ‘Brennisteinn’ to be taken from their forthcoming album ‘Kveikur’, for quite a number of years my younger brother has been an incredibly loyal devotee to Sigur Ros and if I’m honest I never really got it, I thought ‘Hoppipolla’ was a great tune but didn’t really get the rest but I have to say I’m starting to be won over by it, I haven’t been able to stop listening to ‘Brennisteinn’ since I first heard it I love the really industrial sound to it, having also been informed that it is live that you appreciate the music more I have decided to join my younger brother in Dublin in November to see them and see if that is the final piece in the puzzle for me.. anyway enjoy the rather epic ‘Brennisteinn’ below.