Biffy Clyro – Bournemouth B.I.C – 26/03/13 – Review

Last night I took the trip west to Bournemouth along with my younger brother James and mate Tom, the reason for this trip? To see the might Biffy Clyro for the first time on their current tour and the 12th time seeing them overall, so having seen a band that many times its safe to say I had a good idea what to expect. I have to say I was impressed with the venue with this being the first time I’ve ever visited the B.I.C for a gig, the sound was fantastic all night.

Support: –

The support came in the form of City & Colour, they are a band I knew nothing about and walked in as they were already on stage, what I saw of them was quite impressive the musicianship was strong within the band and the live performance was genuinely good, I have to say I’m not convinced it’s the kinda thing I would listen to in my own time but they seemed a decent support I may get another chance to make up my mind next Wednesday if I see them at the O2 in London.

Main Headliners: –

So the clock rolled over to 20:30 and the lights went out which could only mean one thing Biffy Clyro were set to hit the stage, the intro to ‘Different People’ came across the speakers before a typically shirtless Simon Neil walked out to sing the opening lines of the song before the main riff kicked in dropping the curtain to reveal the rest of the band and a mightily impressive stage set up.

The setlist throughout the night unsurprisingly was new material heavy what with the recent release of their new double album ‘Opposites’, although thankfully they did find room for a few tracks off of the first three albums something they hadn’t been doing over the European legs of the tour. The sound throughout the night was fantastic and it was good to see that additional live guitarist Mike Vennart is starting to be a bit more adventurous on stage as well. The stage set up was the biggest difference from a lot of the earlier Biffy shows I’ve seen in the past as the fact that they are now regularly selling out arenas has clearly not been lost on them as they bought an army of cameras for the animated backdrop and probably in all likelihood footage for a future DVD, as well as an imposing structure with a floating bridge for the band to ascend an descend as they wish and for this first time they bought lasers as well.

Highlights: –

Rather unsurprisingly I’m gonna say the entire set was a highlight.. slightly clich├ęd I know especially as I’ve said it for two or three of the recent shows I’ve been too but it is genuinely true the entire two-hour set was nothing short of nigh on perfection, it did make me laugh when Simon Neil accidentally introduced the wrong song introducing ‘A Day Of…’ instead of ‘The Rain’, it also never ceases to amaze me how the ending to ‘That Golden Rule’ sounds more and more monstrous every time I see them, ‘Who’s Got A Match’ always has the amusing bit where Simon Neil refuses to sing one of the lines and instead covers it up with a bunch of random noises. Of the new material the songs that stood out for me where ‘Black Chandelier’, ‘The Jokes On Us’, the old school sounding ‘Victory Over The Sun’ and the beautiful encore opener ‘Skylight’. I also have to obviously mention the old school stuff ‘Glitter & Trauma’ sounded as epic as ever and ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake’ is always amazing and extremely welcome in the set as is ‘Justboy’ and ‘A Day Of..’ a song that I’ve not seen for a long time! Overall it was an amazing show and it has only warmed my appetite even more for time number 13 next Wednesday at the O2 in London.

Setlist: –

‘Different People’
‘That Golden Rule’
‘Sounds Like Balloons’
‘Black Chandelier’
‘Modern Magic Formula’
‘Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies’
‘Victory Over the Sun’
‘The Rain’
‘A Day of…’
‘Spanish Radio’
‘There’s No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake’
‘God & Satan’
‘The Thaw’
‘Glitter and Trauma’
‘Who’s Got a Match?’
‘The Joke’s on Us’
‘Many of Horror’
‘Picture a Knife Fight’
‘The Captain’


‘Stingin’ Belle’