Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun – The Boileroom – Guildford – 10/04/13 – Review

Last night I traveled up to Guildford to a venue I’ve never been to before The Boileroom, it was as I had expected pretty much a pub with a stage which meant we got a really intimate show, the band I headed up there for was Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, a band that I saw support Frank Turner in December last year at the Bath Pavilion.

Support: –

The show was set up quite like a local band night just with different touring artists what this meant is that there were 3 support acts last night, the first of these was Jack Wiseman, he reminded me a bit of Newton Faulkner in the sense it was one person and he’s guitar and he’s sound was very quirky, I quite enjoyed it and the the song ‘Blimp’ (I think it was called) was both catchy & quirky, it was quite an interesting performance.

Up next were Nothing But Thieves, I’m still not sure what to make of them to be honest as their set seemed to be a little all over the place almost as if they are unsure what they want to be, the first couple of songs were very generic indie they then pulled of an extremely proficient cover of Radiohead’s ‘Just’, before an acoustic number & a really country sounding song, it was all a little to eclectic for me, that being said musically they were incredibly tight and the singer had a phenomenal voice, some serious potential there I just think it needs channeling a little more.

Up next were The Lagan, now people who come here regularly will know I like to find new bands that impress me when I go to live shows and boy did I find that with this band!! Kingston’s answer to Flogging Molly/The Dropkick Murphy’s, proper full on Irish/Celtic punk rock, the performance was outstanding and the vocal harmonies were fantastic especially when they performed a couple of tracks as vocals & drums only, all that has to be said about the impression they left on me is that since I got home from work today I’ve already listened to their album twice on Spotify!! Definitely a band on the see again list.

Main Headliners: –

That brings us to Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, having been so impressed by them when I saw them support Frank Turner I was hoping that it would be very much more of the same.. It however wasn’t… it was even better!! Their performance was amazing it was so full of energy and you could see they were having fun, the bit where they unplugged and came out into the crowd to perform one song was a really good touch that added something a little extra special to the performance. They played a set that was slightly heavier towards the newer album ‘Death’ which is to be expected especially as that is the album that is more likely to be known.. and if I’m completely honest it’s the album I’m far more familiar with aswell, so hearing tracks such as ‘New Natives’, ‘Warriors’ & ‘Wishing Well’ was great for me, the song that will be stuck in my head again though is definitely without fail ‘England’s Dead’ after the Bath show it was lodged there for weeks and I’m positive it will be again a great song, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and it was good to have a chat with the guys in the band after the show, they seem like a nice bunch of down to earth guys and I hope that they were right that the tour they are planning in September does in fact include a trip into Portsmouth as they suggested!! Because if it does I can guarantee my presence there once again from a very impressed fan in the Cancer Bats T-Shirt!



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