Jimmy Eat World Reveal New Single ‘I Will Steal You Back’

Jimmy Eat World have premiered their newest song today entitled ‘I Will Steal You Back’ (Which Can Be Seen Below) it is the first single to be released off of their upcoming album ‘Damage,’ which will be released June 11th.

‘Damage’ is described by frontman Jim Adkins as an “adult break-up record.” Speaking to Rolling Stone about the album, the singer said: “I hate saying more raw, but it’s more raw and warm.” The Jimmy Eat World frontman adds, “Love songs are what make rock ‘n’ roll go around,” he said. “It’s just sort me trying to take an honest look at what that might be in an older context. In a non-bubblegum kind of way. It’s also kind of more about bettering ourselves in the process. It’s about focusing on making decision instead of just resolutions.”

The tracklisting for ‘Damage’ is as follows : –

‘Book of Love’
‘I Will Steal You Back’
‘Please Say No’
‘How’d You Have Me’
‘No, Never’
‘You Were Good’



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