The Gaslight Anthem – The Troxy – 30/03/13 – Live Review

Normally I would post reviews to gigs the day after I attend but a combination of the ridiculous journey home and having other things planned means I haven’t had the chance until now, although It has to be said I’m not really sure what to say about this show as truth be told the show was somewhat overcome by the venue for which the sound was atrocious all night.

Support: –

The support came in the form of Canadian two-piece band ‘Japandroids’, I find it quite hard to write anything about them because for the entirety of their 40 minute or so set all you heard was to be honest quite an indistinguishable wall of noise as the venue (A concerted 1930’s Art Deco Theater) clearly struggled to cope with the dynamics of a live band, as a result of this I’m not gonna review the band as I feel it would be unfair as I honestly couldn’t for the large part tell what they were actually playing.

Main Headliners: –

Unfortunately my hopes that it was just a bad setup for the support band didn’t turn into fruition, instead the sound problems continued and hampered much of The Gaslight Anthems set and throughout the entire show you could barely make out what Brian Fallon was saying or singing. The sound did get marginally better about the time they played ‘The ’59 Sound’ but it wasn’t until the encore that the sound was closer to what you’d expect.. still no where near perfect but at the very least passable, as a result it did make the show much harder to enjoy, although it did still have some moments new material ’45’ & ‘Handwritten’ both produced good sing-alongs although it’s a tragedy that the lead guitar was lost in the mire somewhere. All in all I couldn’t help but feel quite annoyed but also sad as you could tell the band were playing with all the energy and enthusiasm you would normally get from The Gaslight Anthem but the Troxy as a venue just didn’t do them any justice. All I can say on the matter really is it was obviously a bonus getting to see The Gaslight Anthem again but my overriding feeling at the end of the show is that I have found the only Venue in England with a sound worse than the Southampton Guildhall and as a result the Troxy will now join said Guildhall on my blacklist of venues to avoid in the future, my only advice to those who read this would be to avoid gigs at the Troxy like a plague if that was anything to go by.

Highlights: –

Normally I would put highlights from the set here but its quite hard to really although I guess the last couple of songs of the encore would be the most obvious pick as they were the few songs with an almost passable sound.

Setlist: –

‘High Lonesome’
‘American Slang’
‘The Diamond Church Street Choir’
‘Old Haunts’
‘Old White Lincoln’
‘The ’59 Sound’
‘The Patient Ferris Wheel’
‘Even Cowgirls Get the Blues’
‘The Queen of Lower Chelsea’
‘Biloxi Parish’
‘Boomboxes and Dictionaries’
‘Here Comes My Man’
‘Too Much Blood’
‘Great Expectations’


‘She Loves You’
‘Mulholland Drive’
‘Here’s Looking at You, Kid’
‘The Backseat’



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