Of Monsters & Men – Portsmouth Pyramids – 02/03/2013 – Review

I would like to start this by apologising for the fact there have been no updates for well over a month, and would like to take this opportunity to say that I’m going to try to get this going again however it will probably only be a couple of updates a week or so for a while, with that being said it is time to move one to the purpose for this post.

Last night saw me head down into Portsmouth to see Of Monsters And Men at the Pyramids, having been introduced to them by my Younger brother at Reading Festival last year as he wanted to see them again having seen them previously in their native Iceland, I can honestly say I am genuinely grateful for the introduction to such a great band, it was that performance at Reading followed by the purchase of their album that convinced me attendance at their own show at a venue so close to home was an essential thing.

Support: –

The support came in the form of Mugison, who I have to say was all a bit weird and random for me, he started off with some synth and keys before picking up an acoustic guitar a couple of songs later. It has to be said though last song aside which was a really good blues inspired track the performance did little for me, although I have been informed that generally he would perform with a band and not just solo, so I’m not sure if some of it would work better in that format or not.

Main Headliner: –

Bang on 9pm the lights go out and Of Monsters And Men take to the stage, straight into album opener ‘Dirty Paws’ which sounded absolutely epic and that’s just how it continued throughout the night, I thought the sound was as spot on as it probably ever has been for any gig Ive been to it was truly amazing. The performance itself was phenomenal, the band were clearly on fine form, special recognition though has to go to Nanna & Ragnar though as the vocals were spot on all night and their voices complement each other so well, on record they are fantastic but live they just seem to take on a new edge there is just so much energy on stage and it’s infectious I think it is impossible for anyone not to have had a fun time last night!

Obviously having only one album limits what they can play somewhat, but they worked their way through the entirety of ‘My Head Is An Animal’ and threw in a cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘Skeletons’ for good measure, the downside to this of course means the set was over in about an hour and 15 minutes or so but that was enough time to leave a lasting impression of how good this band truly are especially live and I can’t wait for them to come around again hopefully with a new album and more material.

Highlights: –

If I had to narrow down a couple of songs then the obvious hits ‘Little Talks’ & ‘Mountain Sound’ were great, but the truth is the whole night was a pure triumph.

Setlist: –

‘Dirty Paws’
‘From Finner’
‘Slow and Steady’
‘Mountain Sound’
‘Your Bones’
‘Skeletons’ (Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover)
‘Love Love Love’
‘King and Lionheart’
‘Little Talks’
‘Six Weeks’

‘Yellow Light’



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