Jason Newsted Prepares Release Of New E.P And Posts Teaser Video

Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has announced his return to music and posted a preview of his brand new band’s brand new video (which can be seen below), Officially returning under the simple moniker of Newsted, the band’s first video, ‘Soldierhead’, is taken from their debut EP, titled ‘Metal’, it will be available from January 8.

“It’s just a simple thing, and I just wanted to capture the band,” Newsted tells Sonic Excess. “There is no heavy concept, no literal thing about bullets chasing your head or any of those things. It’s old-school metal and most likely will be black and white. It was shot in an old factory. It was a gnarly, dusty, old factory and it had energy. That is what I will describe it as. I haven’t got to play to the camera like that for a long time, and I was really going for it. The soldier version is something everyone will have. An HD version will be available on iTunes, but I want everyone to have it for free across the world. I want it to be the tip of the spear for everybody to see and hear what exactly it’s all about.”

Metal Tracklisting

King Of The Underdogs



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