A Look Forward Into 2013

I thought a good way to wrap up 2012 would be to look forward to some of the things we can Expect in 2013. Obviously for me the Year will start strong as on the 22nd January Biffy Clyro will drop their new double album ‘Opposites’, beyond that 2013 will also see the first new studio album from Black Sabbath since 1995, Tool have been in the studio recording their new album and both Metallica and Mastodon have started the process towards their next releases so all in all 2013 looks to be shaping up quite well for releases.

Gig wise 2013 is already starting to take shape for me, with March being particularly crazy! I have Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun, Of Monsters & Men, Cancer Bats, Biffy Clyro (Twice) and The Gaslight Anthem already booked before anyone else announces shows! So here’s to what already promises to be a fruitful year!!



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