Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls – Bath Pavilion – 1/12/12 – Review

Let me start by apologizing for not getting this up a couple of days ago as I intended, but here goes. So last weekend myself and my good friend Tom headed across to Bath for the weekend for a break with the added bonus of seeing Frank Turner at the pavilion thrown in for good measure. Let me start by saying what a beautiful city Bath is I thoroughly enjoyed myself there, I was surprised however at how small the venue was with a capacity of a little over 1,000, the sound was phenomenal though all night and I was properly impressed by the venue and will definitely look into a return visit in the future, now onto the show.

Support Acts: –

Now the one thing I’ve learnt from my time going to shows Support acts are a hit or miss thing and more often than not a miss, I remembered however the last time I saw Frank Turner in Brixton he had really good support and as I had heard a little of Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun’s material I decided it was definitely worth checking out the Support.

Up first were Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun who are straight from the the Frank Turner school of Folk/Punk and it was immediately obvious why they were chosen to be support, they put on a really good show and I was blown away by how good they were, so much so I fully intend on picking them up on their tour early next year at one of the shows local to me. One of the highlights of the set though was definitely when Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls all ran out on stage in various animal suits (It was the last night of the tour so shenanigans were afoot all night) to play backing harmonica and some supply some additional vocals.

Up next was Tim Barry from the USA it was just him and an acoustic and some meaningful songs all from the experiences of himself and those around him, His performance was fantastic and he reminded me alot of Seasick Steve just a folk version as a lot of his stories were very much in that vein, such as when he talked about riding the rails in America whenever he gets bored. The shenanigans continued in Tim Barry’s set as a one armed Elvis statue danced across the stage towards the end of his set.

Main Headliner: –

FT Bath

This brings us to Frank Turner and I was always confident he wouldn’t let us down! and boy was I right, Frank was on phenomenal form and played songs that spanned his entire career pulling out some old school songs that he hasn’t played in quite some time including a couple which hadn’t been played for several year which was a great touch. As I eluded to earlier the sound all night was fantastic and this just added to the enjoyment, in fact I would go as far as to say it’s one of the best sounding gigs I’ve ever been to. The atmosphere was great all night and I think it showed that Bath is a city that isn’t used to getting a lot of artists visiting it as the crowd seemed to give it 110% all night as they sang and danced along.

It is quite hard to pick apart what was such an amazing set for highlights but if I had to narrow it down, ‘The Road’, ‘Try This At Home’, ‘Wessex Boy’ and ‘Reasons Not To Be An Idiot’ all just seeming to have that little bit extra along with the obvious ‘Photosynthesis’ which unsurprisingly got the largest sing-along/reaction of the night and was definitely the song that took the biggest toll on my voice. ‘Try This At Home’ deserves an extra mention as it became the official soundtrack to the weekend for my self and Tom! All in all I cannot recommend highly enough getting out and seeing Frank Turner if you get the chance but the same also needs to be said for Jim Lockey And The Solemn Sun and Tim Barry who completed what was a fantastic show crowning an amazing weekend!

Setlist: –

Normally I would put the setlist here but honestly I have no clue! And it isn’t up on the website so I’ll have to leave it clear.



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