Billy Talent – Portsmouth Pyramids – 16/11/12 – Review

Last night I made one of the shorter trips I can take to attend a gig, down to Southsea for Billy Talent at the Pyramids centre. Having devoured an amazing curry at our usual haunt we were more than ready for an evening of rock when we headed down.

Support Acts :-

We walked in about 10 minutes into the set of first support act Don Bronco and it has to be said that was way to early, It has to be said I really don’t know why I bother seeing support acts half the time as usually they are pretty poor! I guess I still hold out hope that some good ones will come along every so often. Don bronco for me were quite generic sounding which to be honest I could forgive if it wasn’t for the fact that the singer is possibly one of the worst I’ve ever heard, it says it all when a stand in back up vocalist who isn’t even technically in the band is actually better than the main singer.

Up next were AWOLNATION who to be honest were also terrible, they pretty much sounded like how I imagine the Kaiser Chiefs would sound if they turned up their distortion and added a little screaming. I can’t say that there was any redeeming features for me apart from their set ending!

Main Headliners: –

Thankfully all was forgiven at about 9:30pm when Billy Talent hit the stage I knew they were good live having seen them at a couple of festivals, seeing them at their own show however was an amazing experience as they just seemed to raise the bar even further. Opening with ‘Lonely Road To Absolution’ the intro track to their new album ‘Dead Silence’ was a nice touch before immediate the onslaught of ‘Viking Death March’ and ‘Devil In A Midnight Mass’. I thought the sound was superb and the crowd was extremely respectful not something I can say for a couple of the gigs I’ve been to recently.

The setlist was a fantastic mix of both old and new material and the slight fuck up in ‘Rusted In The Rain’ aside it was as close to perfect as you are going to get. Watching them though it never ceases to amaze me how Ian D’Sa manages to get such a fat sound from a Fender Strat, the singer Ben was in fine form as well. The banter with the crowd when they chose to interact was good and making sure the 11 year old fan got a free T-Shirt was also a nice touch. I would normally point out some highlights in the set at this point but it was all so good it’s hard to choose although I did really Enjoy ‘Fallen Leaves’, ‘Line & Sinker’ and ‘This Suffering’ but the biggest highlight was the pure brilliance of their performance coupled with the fantastic vocal harmonies between Ian D’sa & Ben Kowalewicz.

Setlist: –

Lonely Road to Absolution
Viking Death March
Devil in a Midnight Mass
This Suffering
Line & Sinker
Love Was Still Around
Rusted From the Rain
Saint Veronika
Runnin’ Across the Tracks
Diamond on a Landmine
Man Alive!
Cure for the Enemy
This Is How It Goes
Try Honesty
Devil on My Shoulder

Encore: –
Fallen Leaves
Surprise Surprise
Red Flag



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