Lemmy Gives Hints Towards Their 40th Anniversary

Motorhead frontman Lemmy has spoken out about plans for the band’s forthcoming 40th anniversary, which will take place in 2015. The metal legend said: “We’ll think of something; we always do – probably involving naked women or something.”
He added of the band’s longevity: “But we’ve been lucky; we’ve been around so long people realise they can’t get us to go away, so they’ve just decided to join us. You might not like what we do, but we do what we do very well.”

Speaking to Billboard, Lemmy revealed that the band are on the cusp of starting work on the follow-up to their 2010 album, ‘The World Is Yours’. He said of their 21st LP: “We’re gonna start in the New Year, go into the studio in January. We’ll go into the rehearsal room about a month before the album and just band stuff out.” Lemmy added: “We’re not killing ourselves. We don’t get into the studio and say, ‘Let’s write a hit single!’ We’ve never been one of those bands. We really don’t care if everybody likes it; if people like it, to us it’s a bonus.”



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