The Cranberries – Hammersmith Apollo – 02/10/2012 – Review

Last night I made the drive up to Hammersmith to meet my brother to go see The Cranberries at the Apollo, we saw them over at the Royal Albert Hall a couple of years ago when they reformed and as they are one of my brothers favourite bands we decided to go again.

Support: –

I have no idea who the support actually was as I didn’t manage to catch his name and if I’m completely honest, that is no real great loss as he was distinctly forgettable. The biggest problem I saw was the fact that there was genuinely only one person on stage swapping between an acoustic guitar and a keyboard, what this meant was the songs didn’t really have any depth and there were far too many ‘mmm’s’ ‘aah’s’ and ‘ooo’s’ etc.., the guys voice wasn’t bad reminded me a bit of Brian Fallon’s but he didn’t really do anything for me and judging most other people’s reactions he didn’t do much for anyone.

Main Headliners: –

This brings me to the headliners ‘The Cranberries’, having seen them before we knew to expect a pretty decent show and that’s what we got, I thought Dolores’s voice was in really good form (the Irish tint in her voice sounds amazing live) as you would expect from the first night of a new tour, thankfully the performance from the rest of the band was equally as tight as sometimes first nights of tours can be a little bit ropey compared to the rest of the tour. It also needs mentioning that I’m quite glad they didn’t overload their set with songs from ‘Roses’ (we got 5 in total) as I have to admit I can’t really get into that album, they did however play the better songs from the album ‘schizophrenic Playboys’, ‘Conduct’ and lead single ‘Tomorrow’. The setlist overall was a bit up and down for me to be honest, they played all the really obvious songs ‘Linger’, ‘Zombie’ and ‘Dreams’ for example and we got a couple of rare treats such as ‘No Need To Argue’ which apparently they haven’t played since 1995 which was a bonus, at the same time however they missed out a couple of other big songs ‘Animal Instinct’ and ‘Ode To My Family’ for example.

Overall the performance was solid and I enjoyed myself especially more as the night went on as ‘Linger’ aside the second half was noticeably stronger than the first, although it has to be said I didn’t find it as enjoyable as my first experience seeing them at the Royal Albert Hall. I think maybe because although I enjoy The Cranberries I’m not the hugest of fans that perhaps they are one of the bands like some of the others I’ve seen that I probably should have only seen once. I don’t however want my own personal criticisms to take away from what was a pretty solid performance as it genuinely was.

Setlist: –

‘You And Me’
‘Ordinary Day’ (Dolores O’Riordan solo song)
‘Just My Imagination’
‘Dreaming My Dreams’
‘Still Can’t…’
‘Losing My Mind’
‘When You’re Gone’
‘I Can’t Be With You’
‘Waltzing Back’
‘Fire & Soul’
‘Free To Decide’
‘Schizophrenic Playboy’
‘Ridiculous Thoughts’


‘No Need to Argue’
‘The Journey’ (Dolores O’Riordan solo song)


One thought on “The Cranberries – Hammersmith Apollo – 02/10/2012 – Review

  1. I enjoyed the performance overall but was disappointed by the sound quality. I don’t know if my seating position made a difference – I was seated near the front of the circle, close to opposite centre stage. The main issue was the sound mixing levels – the band / instruments seemed to be louder than Dolores’ vocals. To me, one of the main things that makes the Cranberries the Cranberries is the quality and presence of her vocals and I think that her voice needed more prominence compared to the band as a whole to have made it a really excellent performance.

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