Billy Talent – Dead Silence – Review

Yesterday (September 10th) saw Billy Talent release their fourth studio album (Fifth if you count the one released as Pezz) and were very courteous in making sure it arrived on time so between that and the fact Billy Talent decided to stream the album last week means I’ve had the chance to listen to it a few times.

The album starts off with an intro track entitled ‘Lonely Road To Absolution’ which is a nice slow subtle build up song that I’m almost certain will be used as their intro track when I see them in November, especially as it leads straight into the first single from the album ‘Viking Death March’, there is no doubt as to why this song was chosen as the lead single as it is an all out balls to the wall rocker, it has the sound of a song that was written with a view to be as epic as possible live and spark mass sing alongs and I’m sure that’s what it’ll get, it sounded huge at Download this year and that was before most people even knew it. Next up is the follow-up single ‘Surprise, Surprise’ another pretty fast paced rocker that has probably the catchiest chorus on the album, it also has some lyrics that are at Billy Talents satirical best. ‘Crooked Minds’ is another song that has really left an impression on me it starts with a nice clean intro before the distortion kicks in, the vocals are soaring in this song and sound fantastic however its the riffs in this song that I love, they just get stuck in my head but in a good way. ‘Hanging By A Thread’ and ‘Cure For The Enemy’ are another couple of tracks that continue to show the band at their melodic best with huge chorus’ and strong riffing. Final track ‘Dead Silence’ from which the album takes its name is another stand out track and a great way to close the album, its slightly slower paced than some of the tracks that preceed it but still has plenty of the craftmanship you expect from the band and draws you in and leaves you on a high note.

Overall this is a pretty strong effort from the band and certainly an improvement on ‘Billy Talent III’ which was somewhat of a disappointment compared to it’s two predecessors ‘Billy Talent I’ and ‘Billy Talent II’, it is not however without fault as I have to say I feel the album has too many tracks, normally I wouldn’t complain about getting more for your money but in this case the album having 14 tracks on it basically means that a few filler tracks have made it on the album that wouldn’t have been missed. This criticism aside it is a solid album with more than a few genuine highlights and although it never quite reaches the peaks of the first two albums it is a more than solid addition to the Billy Talent arsenal.

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

‘Lonely Road To Absolution’
‘Viking Death March’
‘Surprise Surprise’
‘Runnin’ Across The Tracks’
‘Love Was Still Around’
‘Stand Up And Run’
‘Crooked Minds’
‘Man Alive!’
‘Hanging By A Thread’
‘Cure For The Enemy’
‘Don’t Count On The Wicked’
‘Show Me The Way’
‘Swallowed Up By The Ocean’
‘Dead Silence’

Recommended Tracks: –

‘Viking Death March’, ‘Surprise, Surprise’, ‘Crooked Minds’, ‘Dead Silence’



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