Reading Festival – Sunday 26th August 2012 – Review

Yesterday I headed up to Reading for the final day of the Festival mainly because the Foo Fighters were headlining, and as I couldn’t afford to do the entire weekend what with having done Download a couple of months back I decided to go for the day along with my brother and our mate. I’m not gonna lie I definitely went there with intentions of seeing more bands than we actually did, but as ever the random shenanigans and drinking that goes part and parcel with the Festival experience pretty much put pay to that but we did manage to see the 3 bands we definitely wanted to watch so here goes: –

Of Monsters And Men: –

I can honestly say I knew nothing about this band before Reading except for the clip up on the official festival website, I went to see them predominantly because my brother saw them over in Iceland and really enjoyed them and as such wanted to see them again, truth be told they put on a really good energetic show and I thoroughly enjoyed their set I have to say I’m not sure they are a band that I would listen to in everyday life very often but definitely glad I checked them out however. Rating 8/10

The Gaslight Anthem: –

Up next were The Gaslight Anthem the first of the 2 bands I booked my ticket on the basis of their attendance, playing a 45 minute set they proceeded to plow their way through a setlist composed of hits and tracks from their latest album ‘Handwritten’, it was a pretty good performance but was somewhat let down by the mid afternoon festival acoustics, which as any regular festival attendee will tell you is quite often patchy at best! Mid October when I see them proper at Brixton will be the real gauge of their new material live for me. Rating 7/10

Foo Fighters: –

Finally came main headliners and the band that guaranteed my attendance at Reading Foo Fighters, although I had seen the 4 times before last night I knew they always kept a special place in their hearts for Reading Festival and often put on extra special shows there, last night was no exception to this rule, on the weekend that marked the 20th anniversary of the legendary 1992 Nirvana performance/the 15th anniversary of their own legendary first performance at Reading in the 2nd stage, both of which were made reference to and tributed. Dave Grohl dedicated ‘These Days’ to both Krist Novoselic and Kurt Cobain and before ‘Times Like These’ took the time to retell the history that he has with the Reading festival, before during the encore proceeding to play several tracks from the first album a couple of which hadn’t been aired live for several years in tribute to the 1997 performance. Before the encore however was a career spanning greatest hits set with a few songs from the latest album ‘Wasting Light’ thrown in for good measure, the sound that throughout the day was often patchy was unsurprisingly made right for the headliners as the Foo’s sounded absolutely at their epic best. There were several highlights during the set the 1997 tribute in the encore is an obvious one, the singing Happy Birthday to Dave Grohl’s mum was quite amusing also, dedicating two different songs to each of his daughters who were also in attendance was a nice touch and as ever set closer ‘Everlong’ was as great as ever and sparked a mass sing-along/dance, all in all Foo Fighters & Reading Festival it is ALWAYS a winning combination!! Rating 10/10

Setlist: –

‘White Limo’
‘All My Life’
‘The Pretender’
‘My Hero’
‘Learn To Fly’
‘Cold Day In The Sun’
‘I’ll Stick Around’
‘These Days’
‘Monkey Wrench’
‘Hey Johnny Park!’
‘Alone + Easy Target’
‘Bridge Burning’
‘This Is A Call’
‘In The Flesh’
‘Best Of You’


‘Times Like These’
‘For All The Cows’



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