Green Day Release Video For Their Comeback Single ‘Oh Love’

Green Day have released the video for the first single to come from the forth coming ‘Uno!’ album, which is the first of three set to be released. If I’m completely honest I can’t say I find this new single to be particularly inspiring, I used to love Green Day back in the ‘Dookie’ and ‘Nimrod’ days etc.. and I genuinely enjoyed ‘American Idiot’, I did however find ’21st Century Breakdown’ boring, not particularly good and full of stolen riffs and pretty much songs.. I challenge anyone to argue that ‘Horseshoes & Handgrenades’ isn’t a complete rip off of The Hives ‘Main Offender’ it’s so blatant it’s ridiculous! So all in all i’m not particularly holding out much hope for this album especially having also heard the dire ‘Kill The DJ’ which was so bad I never even made it to the end of the song!! (I’ve also included the Audio to this below) Anyway see what you think!



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