Lady Antebellum – Hammersmith Apollo – 16/07/2012 – Review

Last night my family and I made the trip up to London for what was a really rare night out together, we headed up to the Hammersmith Apollo for the chance to see Lady Antebellum. My older brother is massively into country music (And runs a good website dedicated to it which can be found HERE) so for him a chance to see Lady Antebellum was a chance to good to ignore, my mum and sister and law also wanted to go so I decided to complete the group and join them in the trip.

Support: –

The support came in the form of Kacey Musgraves, who to be quite frank I’d never even heard of before last night, but she put on quite a solid performance, even if a lot of her songs seemed to me to be quite clichéd in their lyrical content especially, and the song with lots of nursery rhyme references in it all seemed a little to random for me. All said and done though she did a decent job in warming up the crowd.

Main Headliner: –

About 9pm Lady Antebellum took to the stage to a rousing rendition of the title track from their latest album ‘Own The Night’, it has to be said their sound is very much rocked up when played live quite surprisingly so to be honest, although it did in turn answer my questions as to how they would have coped playing to a predominantly rock crowd when they supported the legend that is Bruce Springsteen a couple of days earlier. I thought the sound throughout the show was fantastic and the whole atmosphere in general was great. I also believe credit has to be given to the way that the band interacted with the crowd and got them involved in singalongs, clap-alongs and getting nearly the entire crowd to raise their lighters/mobile phones to make the crowd look like a ‘Giant Disco Ball’ as they described it among other things, I can only think of a couple of other performers I’ve seen with better interaction with the crowd without falling into too many of the old clichés (the kind James Hetfield & Ozzy Osbourne fall into) although I do wish that bands wouldn’t always come out with how wherever they are playing is the show they’ve been looking forward to all tour and how it’s their favourite etc.. as it just isn’t in any way believable (in my entire history of gig going I’ve believed it twice, once from the most genuine and nicest guy in rock Dave Grohl when at Reading Festival (due to all his history there) and once seeing Frank Turner perform a home town show).

Highlights: –

This section is much harder to write than normal as if I’m completely honest I could easily count on my hands how many times I’ve actually listened to the 3 Lady A albums, as a result I’m really not familiar with the names to most of the songs and since I can’t find a setlist anywhere to assist me it makes it that much more difficult. The Obvious couple of songs I know the titles too though ‘Just A Kiss’, ‘Own The Night’ and ‘Need You Now’ all sounded really good. All in all much like when I went to see Toby Keith last November with my older brother I’m glad I went as it is always good to branch out and see/experience new things out of the ordinary live and I thouroughly enjoyed the show even if I didn’t know the material aswell as most, this though sometimes has it’s own advantage as it means you can see an artist without any pre-concieved ideas of what to expect. All said and done it was good to add another artist to the extremely long list of acts I’ve seen live and I guess the biggest compliment I could give is that on this performance I would certainly consider seeing them again if the chance arose, which when I am in no way a hardcore fan means they have left a good lasting impression with their live Performance.



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