I’m Back/Videos Of The Week!! 3 New Biffy Clyro Songs!!

Today I returned from my EPIC jaunt to the Download Festival in Donington! For which I post a full review tomorrow, but for today as it’s Monday I’ll do my video of the week or in this case videos as there are 3! anyone that knows me or follows this blog will long know my love for Biffy Clyro which is why I have chosen 3 amateur shot videos from their performance saturday night at Download, all of which are new tracks from there forthcoming double album! The first of which I really like already, the second is the one I saw at Milton Keynes when they supported the Foo Fighter’s and the last I think will almost certainly be a grower as I wasn’t convinced when I heard it there but have already begun to warm to it in the couple of listens since! So Enjoy these as much as I did being there!

Modern Magic Formula: –

The Joke’s On Us: –

Victory Over The Sun: –



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