Bombay Bicycle Club – Portsmouth Guildhall – 24/04/12 – Review

Last night I took one of the shortest of journeys I can take to see a gig across to the Portsmouth Guildhall to see Bombay Bicycle Club. Those of you that have been coming to this blog regularly may remember me reviewing a Bombay Bicycle Club show from last september at the Brighton Dome, so last night was my second experience seeing them live. The main difference between this and the first time though was the fact that I went to the first show without knowing much about them whereas this time I was fully versed in the material and what to expect.

Support Acts: –

Normally at this point I would write a little about each of the support acts but truth be told we only walked in halfway through the second act (having been in 2 Wetherspoons before hand, after we didn’t get served in the first having waited 20+ mins we eventually decided they were ignoring us and moved a couple of doors along to the other Wetherspoons) as such I can’t really put anything here although I will say from the little I saw the Vocalist to the second act had a fantastic voice.

Main Headliners: –

This brings me to Bombay Bicycle Club who take to the stage at 9:15 prompt to a rousing reception and start with an amazing rendition of ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep’ which sets the tone for the whole evening as the band tear their way through a 20 song strong setlist spanning all three of their albums with the greatest of ease. The performance was every bit as tight as I remembered from the Brighton show if not more impressive as I was so much more familiar with the material this time. It was a thoroughly enjoyable show and would highly recommend people check them out live if they get the chance either at any of their upcoming shows or festival appearances this summer.

Highlights: –

To be honest the entire set was a highlight but if I had to narrow it down, ‘Shuffle’ sounded epic as normal, ‘Bad Timing’ sounded particularly strong and as ever I really enjoyed ‘Ivy & Gold’ but the set stealer for me this time was probably set closing track ‘What If’ which was frankly monstrous!

Setlist: –

Bombay Bicycle Club Setlist Guildhall, Portsmouth, England 2012



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