Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball – Review

So the Boss has returned with his 17th album and having listened to it the last few days I thought that now is as good a time as any to review it. Bruce Springsteen is a strange icon for America to embrace as he simultaneously embodies stirring patriotism and brooding liberal doubt. Wrecking Ball may be one of his angriest and most overtly political albums, yet despite this it is contained in some of his most uplifting and celebratory music, it therefore leaves you unsure as to if he has come to raise the flag or to burn it.

Opening track ‘We Take Care Of Our Own’ is exactly what you come to expect from Springsteen, shamelessly anthemic, lyrically scathing and completely unmistakable in the same vein as ‘Born To Run’, it is at this point you could be forgiven for thinking that this will be an archetypal Springsteen record, however as the album progresses he does everything in his power to make it a much more modern entity. ‘Jack Of All Trades’ & ‘This Depression’ both feature guest appearances from Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and are much more slow burning songs that depict relationships strained by the financial woes that are crippling the current climate whilst launching a scathing attack at the bankers. ‘Death To My Hometown’ is a particular highlight for me on the album with its stomping almost Irish folk inspired feel, despite this upbeat nature it continues in its assault on those who Springsteen deems responsible ‘Greedy thieves who came around, And ate the flesh of everything they found’. The title track ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Land Of Hope And Dreams’ both serve as fitting epitaphs to the late Clarence Clemons as they are the last things he recorded before his untimely death and showcase not only the undeniable talent of the man but also just how important he was in shaping the sound of Springsteen.

For most of the album such is the passion and fury on display it beggars belief that the album is written by a man who is now 62! If America and the world needed Springsteen doing what he does best, in his own words ‘Measuring the distance between the American Dream and American Reality’ then that’s exactly what it got. The true genius behind the album though is the fact that not only does it contain the anthemic stadium filler songs that you expect from the boss but it also never feels anything other than a genuine and honest record.

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

1. We Take Care of Our Own
2. Easy Money
3. Shackled and Drawn
4. Jack of All Trades
5. Death to My Hometown
6. This Depression
7. Wrecking Ball
8. You’ve Got It
9. Rocky Ground
10. Land of Hope and Dreams
11. We Are Alive

Recommended Tracks: –

‘We Take Care Of Our Own’, ‘Jack Of All Trades’, ‘Death To My Hometown’, ‘Land Of Hope And Dreams’



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