Live Music Bill Set For Success

I saw an article about this on one of the newspapers websites and if this turns out to be successful it would be a massive bonus for Live music in the UK. MP’s were presented with The Live Music Bill which effectively means smaller venues would be exempt from having to have an entertainment licence. As things stand no matter how small the venue, it has to conform to a series of regulations, fill out loads of forms and pay a high fee to put on any form of live music, it is for this reason that many smaller bars, pubs and clubs reject the idea of putting on live music, meaning musicians have nowhere to hone their skills.

After almost three years of lobbying for the bill to get this far, it made it on the agenda in Parliament however if less than 100 MPs decided to show up for it it wouldn’t have been debated, thankfully however they did and was passed by the present politicians. Next it will get a final consideration of amendments and if it gets through that hurdle can get royal assent and become law. I can honestly say that if this does in fact go through it would be a massive shot in the arm for live music in the UK and can in my opinion only ever be a good thing so heres hoping!!



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