List Of Dead Musicians I Wish I’d Had The Chance To See

It was brought up in a discussion at work on Friday as to which dead musicians I would have loved the chance to see and I thought it’d be a pretty good post for my blog. After having more time to think about it I’ve compiled a list of 10 dead musicians I wish I could’ve seen in no particular order: –

1. Johnny Cash – Fantastic artist who released an amazing amount of albums throughout his career & I love his voice I think it’s truly stunning. On top of that I genuinely rate the American series of albums as some of the best recorded.

2. Jimi Hendrix – What can I really say about Hendrix.. An absolute guitar legend would have been amazing to have had the chance to see him.

3. Freddie Mercury w/ Queen – You gotta love a bit of Queen! At least I certainly do and they would have definitely been high on my list of must sees.

4. Kurt Cobain w/ Nirvana – Along with Oasis one of the seminal bands in constructing my musical upbringing, having watched performances like their legendary Reading set makes me realise how much I missed out on when I didn’t get the chance to see them.

5. Luciano Pavarotti – This is a choice that would probably surprise a few but genuinely I believe he had one of the greatest voices of any artist ever and it would have been nothing short of an extreme privilege to see him perform.

6. Dimebag w/Pantera – Although I managed to catch Damageplan and I’ve seen the subsequent members in other bands such as Down its Pantera who I wish I’d had the chance to see, a great band and a phenomenal guitarist.

7. Bob Marley – Reggae legend responsible for some great songs which I like to put on to chill out to would have been a cool experience to see him.

8. Ian Curtis w/ Joy Division – Although Joy Division were bought to my attention quite late into my musical development they are a brilliant band and Ian Curtis had such a unique voice.

9. Randy Rhoads w/ Ozzy – I’ve obviously seen Ozzy with Zakk Wylde and that was a great experience as Zakk is a Phenomenal Guitarist but I would love to have seen Ozzy Perform with Randy the man responsible for writing so many of those great hits.

10. Cliff Burton w/ Metallica – I’ve obviously seen Metallica seven times and I love them to death and Rob Trujillo is a great bassist, but the chance to see them with Cliff Burton the man responsible for writing ‘Orion’ would have definitely been too much to turn down!

So there you have it a list of 10 dead artists I would love to have seen in no particular order!

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