Katherine Jenkins – Portsmouth Guildhall – 08/01/12 – Review

Last night I took the short journey into Portsmouth for a visit to the Guildhall to see Katherine Jenkins perform in what was a distinct deviation from the usual shows that I attend. I attended the show very much in my I’ll give anything a go once mentality as although I really like Katherine Jenkins on record I really didn’t know what to expect from a live performance. Taking to the stage at 7:30 prompt as stated on the tickets Katherine was backed by a full orchestra and genuinely put on the best vocal performance of anyone I’ve ever seen by a country mile, I guess to be honest I shouldn’t be surprised by this as she is a classically trained vocalist, it didn’t however stop me from being totally blown away. Katherine was joined by the relatively unknown American vocalist Nathan Pacheco making his first ever tour of the UK, he sang a couple of duets with Katherine and they complimented each other well, he also got to perform 4 solo numbers which included a version of ‘Danny Boy’ and a brilliant rendition of the Pavarotti classic ‘Nessun Dorma’ which I have to say really surprised me as he was the first person I’ve seen since the late Pavarotti to do the song justice.

It has to be said I’m not sure I would ever get used to the completely different crowd dynamics to what I’m used to, the sitting in absolute silence and only breaking it for applause post songs is quite alien to me, as is the concept of an interval in the middle, more than a little strange to someone who regularly attends loud and relatively chaotic rock concerts. It was however quite nice to be able to sit back and genuinely just appreciate the music, the orchestra were very good also and had a couple of solo opportunities to perform aswell.

It was a little disappointing that Katherine didn’t take the opportunity to sing ‘Abigail’s Song’ from the Doctor Who christmas special soundtrack as I was hoping she would, this minor disappointment aside it was a thoroughly enjoyable night. The highlights for me were a brilliant rendition of ‘Angel’ from the ‘Believe’ album, the original french version of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ and her final song ‘Time To Say Goodbye’. It has to be said I’m really glad that she came to Portsmouth to allow me this opportunity to see her because if I’m honest I probably wouldn’t have done so had she not come so locally, however having now seen her I would almost certainly do so again if the chance arose.



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