Biffy Clyro Tease New Double Album This Summer…

Biffy Clyro have revealed plans to release a double album this summer, the band explained that they have made 30 demos and intend to record the new collection of material in April after choosing the best tracks. Talking to Q magazine, frontman Simon Neil said: “We’re going to make a double album, so the intention is to do most of the recording in LA and then do more of it elsewhere. We’ll hopefully get it done by April, May and go out and play some shows. The album might come out before summer but it’s likely to be just after that.” Responding to the claim that a double album is “very Guns N’ Roses”, Neil added: “Absolutely. The working titles are Use Your Illusion III and Use Your Illusion IV. We’re going over the top as we can. It’s an album about a fork in the road and how your decisions can take you on one path or the other. One path is the right decisions and one path is the wrong decisions – and each album’s going to represent each path.” Have to admit I’m excited by the prospect of twice as many new Biffy Songs as I expected as long as it doesn’t lead to a dip in quality! And as ever the promise of more shows are always welcome! The Song ‘The Jokes On Us’ debuted at Milton Keynes with the Foo Fighters was pretty good and hopefully a sign of things to come!! So here’s waiting for some new Biffy!!



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