Military Wives Choir Set For Xmas No.1?

According to the Official Charts Company, the collective’s rendition of ‘Wherever You Are’ has shifted 242,000 copies in the first two days of sales alone and is the fastest-selling single of the last six years, by contrast X Factor winners Little Mix, meanwhile, have only sold 38,000 copies of their Damien Rice cover ‘Cannonball’ in the same period of time, this years facebook campaign championing Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is also destined to fail as current midweek sales have it placed only at no. 6 in the charts. Having campaigned so vigourously a couple of years back for the Rage Against The Machine group I have to say I’m really glad that something does seem to have been achieved and that the X-Factor does genuinely seem to be dying on it’s own now… It will also be good to see an Xmas no.1 this year that isn’t dominated by the X-Factor or been bolstered by a Facebook campaign. If I’m honest ‘Wherever You Are’ is not a song that I would probably really ever listen to any meaningful ammount of times, it is however a nice song and raises money for military charities and is a step back in the right direction for charts at xmas and I genuinely hope that over the next couple of years the death of the X-Factor will be completed and there will once again be the genuine chart race for xmas no.1 every year which in turn will hopefully encourage people to start releasing again knowing they genuinely have a chance. Anyway if you haven’t heard it yet enjoy what will almost certainly be this years xmas no.1 below!



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