Top 5 Singles of 2011

To be completely honest I wasn’t going to do a top singles list of 2011 because lets be honest the british charts aren’t exactly a beacon for great music (If you like anything other than the generic stuff thats thrown at you that is) and I honestly don’t follow the charts because of this and as a result I’m quite out of touch. However after much research and going through all the things released as singles in 2011 I managed to put together a provisional list of about 15-20 singles which I have narrowed down to 5, now I’m not gonna lie most of them never achieved massive chart success as singles because the albums they came from often did instead, that being said though I delibrately chose songs in which all bar 1 of the 5 chosen made the top 40 and the one that didn’t was just outside. With all that now said this is my choice of Top 5 singles for 2011.

5. ‘L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N’ – Noah & The Whale

I chose this song because from the first time I heard it I genuinely loved it, its a great fun tune and feels like a proper upbeat summer anthem.

4. ‘Shake It Out’ – Florence & The Machine

This song is another upbeat song, I chose it because 1. its genuinely a great song and 2. because Florence Welch is a stunning vocalist/musician and deserved a spot on my list.

3. ‘Shuffle’ – Bombay Bicycle Club

It was this song that convinced me 100% that I had to go see Bombay Bicycle Club back in September its got a real good vibe about it, and was genuinely one of my most listened to songs this year.

2. ‘Rope’ – Foo Fighters

Well I couldn’t produce an entire list of singles without at least one rocker on there and you can always trust the Foo Fighters to supply one! There were a couple of other singles from them this year but ‘Rope’ edged them out for me.

1. ‘If I Had A Gun’ – Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds

Now I know in theory this song isn’t released until the 26th December! however as that will make it released in 2011 it had to make the list as its a brilliant song and a serious return to form for the talent behind Oasis and reminded me why I loved them back in the day! It was ‘Definitely Maybe’, ‘Whats The Story (Morning Glory)’ & ‘The Masterplan’ that started my love for music and it was probably that which made me so happy when Noel released a great album and ‘If I Had A Gun’ is my favourite song from that said album.

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