Top 3 Music Videos Of 2011

I have to be honest I am pretty out of the loop when it comes to music videos as I never watch music television anymore… I have however come up with a list of 3 videos that I think were some of the best of 2011 (at least of the ones I saw anyway).

3. Rammstein – Mein Land

Rammstein with surf boards for a fun piss take of a Beach Boys kinda vibe for 3 & 1/2 minutes before it turns into a fire obsessed Rammstein beach party to finish off.. what more could you want?

2. Foo Fighters – Walk

Foo Fighters pay homage to the film ‘Falling Down’ in this video, I particularly like this video as its good to see the Foo Fighters return to their fun videos with this and ‘White Limo’ after a period of the serious rock band vids!! Thats why it makes my list!

1. Mastodon – Curl Of The Burl

Mastodon’s video features a chainsaw, a mad chemist in a trailer park, anthropomorphic mushrooms and ax-wielding blondes who shoot fire out of their breasts! and lets be honest what more could you possibly want from a music video?

Anyway thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy!



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