Top 5 Live Shows of 2011

With it closing in once again on the end of the year, it’s time to start thinking about the highlights of 2011 and with the fact a ZenthetiX show at the Wedge aside I no longer have any shows booked for 2011, I thought I’d start my round-up of 2011 musically by listing what for me have been the Top 5 Live shows this year! This has been an incredibly tough task as I’ve attended quite a lot of shows this year and all of them have been great in there own way but I think I’ve got it narrowed down to 5!

5. ZenthetiX – Wedgewood Rooms – Evolution – 18th June 2011

I chose this show because although I have seen ZenthetiX subsequently play better than this show, this was their first ever gig and my first time seeing them and I still remember that feeling of being totally blown away by such an unknown entity. As a result of this the show holds a special place in my memories from the year 2011 and had to make my list, and I genuinely hope that 2012 holds huge things for them!

4. Black Label Society – Hammersmith Apollo – 21st February 2011

Next up are Black Label Society and anyone that knows me will know the esteem in which I and many of my good friends hold this band, having had the opportunity to see them twice on this tour in Southampton aswell.. I have chosen the Hammersmith Gig because the sound and performance was truly brilliant. This show was without doubt the best I’ve ever seen BLS in the many times I’ve seen them and it was great to see them so much more focused than perhaps they have been in the past.

3. Frank Turner – Hammersmith Apollo – 27th November 2011

This is the most recent of the gigs in the list and to be honest the most recent I’ve been to, it has to be said though that Frank Turner put on one hell of a show. The performance was brilliant, his banter was fantastic, the crowd was alive all night and it was nice to see such a genuine and humble artist perform what up until now is the biggest show of his career. The show was made even better by the fact that he bought some really good support acts with him too.

2. Amon Amarth – The HMV Forum – 23rd October 2011

Amon Amarth were one of the few bands on my list that I really wanted to see having never seen them much like the previous Frank Turner, and boy did Amon Amarth not let me down!! This show was a serious contender for the top spot as they were truly phenomenal. I can honestly say before I saw them I wasn’t sure how their sound would come across live but any fears I may have had were quickly subdued by a simply stunning live Performance!! I REALLY hope that they make the trip to Donnington for Download so I can see them again there!!

At this point before I say who I’ve chosen as the top show of 2011 for me, I feel the need to give honourable mentions to a couple of other artists I’ve seen in 2011 put on great shows but not make the list. Bombay Bicycle Club in Brighton were fantastic so much so that I’ll be seeing them again in April at the Portsmouth Guildhall, Toby Keith an artist who to be honest I knew little to nothing about put on a great fun-filled show at Wembley Arena, The Revival Tour featuring Brian Fallon, Dan Andriano, Dave Hause & Chuck Ragan, this was a really good night with some great performances and a lot of fun was had and if that was an insight into the Revival Tour I will definitely have to consider future editions. Anyway now on to the top choice…

1. Foo Fighters – Milton Keynes Bowl – 2nd July 2011

As close as Amon Amarth pushed to be top spot their could honestly only ever be one real winner and that was Dave Grohl and his Band the one and only Foo Fighters. The show from start to finish was a truly incredible 2 hour plus set of everything you’d ever want to hear by the Foo’s plus the added bonus of an appearance by Alice Cooper for good measure! Having seen the Foo’s before a couple of times I already knew that they can be great live but they raised the bar even further here and as if to put the cherry on the icing on top of the cake they just happened to bring a certain Scottish band Biffy Clyro along as their main support a truly phenomenal day was therefore assured and thus sealing my favourite/best show of 2011.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my round-up of what for me was the highlights of 2011 live, and having gone back through it I’m genuinely already looking forward to 2012 with several shows already booked including: – Katherine Jenkins, Mastodon, Bombay Bicycle Club and a Trip to Donnington For Download Festival with 2 or 3 further shows already possibly in the pipeline elsewhere too!

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