Frank Turner – Hammersmith Apollo – 27/11/11 – Review

Last night saw me take the road trip north to the Hammersmith Apollo to see Frank Turner, as a fan of his music ever since a work colleague played a couple of his albums in the workplace, last night howvever was my first time seeing him live and he certainly didn’t let me down.

Support: –

The first of two support acts came in the form of the all female folk group ‘Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo’ I genuinely knew nothing about them before the show as to be honest I didn’t even realise they were playing. I was however really impressed by them they were like an all female version of Mumford & Sons except they weren’t quite as energetic, consisting of a cello player, violinist, guitarist and an accordion player they also had some brilliant vocal harmonies between the four of them. The highlight of their set though came three quarters of the way through their set when they were joined on stage by Frank Turner to perform ‘Fields Of June’ a song that they recorded together as a duet.

The second support artist was ‘Against Me’ they struck me as a cross between a hardcore punk band and Green Day, I like the fact that for their entire 45-50 minute set they just got on and continuously played to fit in as many songs as possible. Vocally the singer’s voice reminded me quite a bit of Brian Fallon’s overall they were pretty good and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.

Main Headliner: –

After his brief cameo with Emily Barker earlier in the evening came Frank Turners real time to shine as he took to the stage to intro track ‘Eulogy’ from the current ‘England Keep My Bones’ album before hitting into ‘Try This At Home’ and ‘The Road’ for a brilliant way to get the crowd going early. The atmosphere in the venue was electric all night the crowd sang along word for word nearly all night and there was plenty of dancing to boot as well.

The performance was really tight all night and the sound was excellent, Frank Turner’s vocals were stunning as he was really on form last night, his band ‘The Sleeping Souls’ were also on top form and put on a great show. Frank Turner also took the opportunity to utilise the skills of ‘Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo’ throughout much of the set to add extra dimensions to the music with much aplomb.

Highlights: –

There were a few highlights last night, the crowd was awesome all night and was thoroughly enjoyable to be a part of! Frank Turners on stage banter was fantastic all night he was hilarious and was probably in all honesty one of the best performers I’ve ever seen for stirring up crowd participation. Song wise ‘Glory Hallelujah’ was my favourite song of the night I genuinely love that song and the performance was epic, Frank’s little speech before hand only furthered the reputation of him being a genuine and cool guy and the sing along was brilliant. ‘Wessex Boy’ was brilliant and there was a great cover of Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’ to finish up the set before the encore. The other star of the show was the final song of the night ‘Photosynthesis’ which is a great fun song at the best of times but that was amplified last night and without doubt drew the biggest sing along as well, stunning! The one thing that is for certain after last nights show though is I will definitely be taking the opportunity to see Frank Turner again!

Setlist: –

1. Eulogy
2. Try This At Home
3. The Road
4. If Ever I Stray
5. Reasons Not to Be an Idiot
6. I Am Disappeared
7. Love Ire & Song
8. Redemption
9. Nights Become Days
10. Wessex Boy
11. Father’s Day
12. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
13. Sons of Liberty
14. One Foot Before The Other
15. Peggy Sang the Blues
16. Glory Hallelujah
18. I Still Believe
19. Somebody to Love (Queen cover)


20. Cowboy Chords
21. The Ballad of Me and My Friends
22. Photosynthesis



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