Musings On Last Night And A Probable Visit To Download Next Year…

Last night saw me go behind enemy lines and take the trip to the city to the West, the reason for this jaunt? well a certain band Named ZenthetiX happened to be making their Southampton Debut at the Talking Heads so I decided that my attendance was definitely necessary. The first band on was ‘The Driveaways’ I can’t really say a lot about them as unfortunately their drummer left them in the lurch meaning they had to hastily change plans to an acoustic set, although to be honest I saw nothing to particularly grab my attention it would be unfair to unduly criticise them when they weren’t able to perform at 100%.

Next up were ‘Kinky Boot Beasts’ who I genuinely knew nothing about other than I was informed by Shifty I needed to get there in time to see them, I can honestly say I’m glad I did they were brilliant! The drummer was absolutely phenomenal, not only is he a really accomplished drummer he took on vocal duties aswell! The guitarists were both excellent and were tight as anything which given the complex nature of a lot of the stuff they were playing is an impressive achievement. Having noticed on their Facebook that they are playing at The Cellars in Eastney in a couple of weeks I think a jaunt down there may almost certainly be in order!!

Up next were ZenthetiX who due to other bands pulling out got a longer set than normal and used this to their advantage by playing an 8 song set that included a new song, I have to be honest and say that the sound for their set wasn’t particularly flattering to them last night which is a shame as you could see the performance and 100% committed effort was there. As a result I’m going to reserve judgement on the new song until I can hear it again in a better light, as ever though when ZenthetiX are involved I had a good night and still thoroughly enjoyed myself and there set, the stand out song for me besides the obvious ‘Hydrate’ was ‘Side to Side’ as for the first time seeing ZenthetiX I positioned myself in front of Bassist Ben and was really able to appreciate just how great he is for that song!

Finally having just about 30 mins ago seen the announcement that Download Festival has given, I have been left thinking that a trip to Donnington for the first time since 2006 maybe in order, the reason for this? Well it has to be Metallica which having seen them 7 times before isn’t a major thing as much as I love seeing them… it is instead the fact that they will be marking the 10th anniversary of Download Festival and the 20th anniversary of the ‘Black Album’ by playing it in its entirety!! And anyone that knows me will know that a certain random track from said album ‘My Friend Of Misery’ is one of my favourite tracks and one that I never thought I’d get to see performed live. It is therefore this reason that leads me to believe a trip to Donnington maybe in order, I will see who else gets announced first and maybe see if Metallica decide to the same elsewhere i.e. Werchter in Belgium which would be my prefered festival however if needs must a trip North maybe in order!!



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