Toby Keith – Wembley Arena – 1/11/2011 – Review

Last night I headed north to Wembley Arena with my older brother to see American Country artist Toby Keith as he really wanted to see him and within reason I’ll see anything once and give it a go, as such I didn’t really know any of his stuff one or two songs apart. I went open-minded however and was overall generally impressed by the experience and I’m glad I went.

Support: –

The one and only support act came in the form of Swedish country singer Jill Johnson, I was impressed with her voice as she really could sing and the few songs she did were good, my criticisms would be however that she spent far too long talking rather than playing i.e. when she first came out it was about 5 minutes before she actually played her first song and she only played about 4 songs and left the stage after about 20 minutes of a half hour time slot.

Main Headliner: –

At about 9:05pm the lights went down and out came Toby Keith and literally an entire entourage of musicians, consisting of a small brass section, steel guitar, bass, drums and 2 or 3 other guitars. This meant that including Toby there were an impressive 11 musicians on stage, the thing that impressed me most about that however wasn’t the sheer quantity of them it was the quality and the cohesion between them, it’s not easy to get 11 musicians in perfect unison and to get the clarity of sound at the end of it yet the performance was beyond extremely tight it was truly stunning. He played the couple of songs that I did know which was a distinct bonus and of them I thought ‘As Good As I Once Was’ sounded brilliant, despite not knowing basically any of the material I can honestly say I enjoyed the experience and had a good time, the only one criticism I do have isn’t so much aimed at Toby Keith but more at the sound man as I found throughout the entire night that Toby’s microphone was quite distorted and you couldn’t actually make out what was being said/sung, which when you know the songs like basically everyone else did isn’t so important or noticable as I didn’t however it really did stand out.

Highlights: –

There were a few highlights from last night I loved Toby’s amusing on stage banter (what I could hear of it) and the humour behind a few of the songs aswell, ‘Red Solo Cup’ was hysterical and spawned one of the biggest sing alongs of the night. I also found ‘Get Out Of My Car’ funny and in cohesion with ‘As Good As I Once Was’ it was the biggest highlight from last night for me. As i said earlier I’m genuinely glad I went for a couple of reasons firstly the fact that it was a new experience to see a country artist and secondly I do always like to within reason give everything a fair crack of the whip which I did last night. Despite this however it has to be said that I’m not convinced that I will ever be completely sold on Country music with a couple of Obvious exceptions (Johnny Cash & Dolly Parton the main ones), it is for that reason I’m not sure if I would do another similar show because as much as last night was enjoyable as a first time experience I think that with each subsequent event my interest could dwindle.

Setlist: –

1. Made In America
2. God Love Her
3. White Rose
4. ?
5. Wish I Didn’t Know Now
6. Get Drunk and Be Somebody
7. Red Solo Cup
8. Clancy’s Tavern
9. Does That Blue Moon Ever Shine on You
10. Who’s Your Daddy?
11. As Good as I Once Was
12. I Love This Bar
13. American Ride
14. Should’ve Been a Cowboy
15. Whiskey Girl
16. I Wanna Talk About Me
17. I’ll Never Smoke Weed With Willie Again
18. Get Out of My Car
19. Beer for My Horses
20. How Do You Like Me Now?!


21. A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action

Setlist courtesy of SetlistFM.



2 thoughts on “Toby Keith – Wembley Arena – 1/11/2011 – Review

  1. Sounds great, wish I was there, but did see him at Hammersmith, fantastic musicians he has,

  2. Yeah it was a really good night and everyone seemed to have a really good time! And he’s musicians are top notch!

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