Amon Amarth – The Forum – 23/10/11 – Review

Last night saw me take the trip up to London to the HMV forum to see viking metallers Amon Amarth! This was only my second visit to the forum my only previous being to see Mastodon on the ‘Blood Mountain’ tour, But it’s quite a nice venue with a really good sound it was however smaller than i remembered it.

Support: –

First support came from the greek Black/Death Metal band ‘Septic Flesh’, I knew nothing about the band apart from the couple of clips I looked up on YouTube on my phone before going into the forum. I didn’t expect much and to be honest that’s pretty much what we got, my biggest criticism though has to be the fact that so much of their sound was all backing tracks as I have always held the belief you should only record something if you can pull it off live!

Next up were ‘As I Lay Dying’ who to be frank bored me senseless, musically it was same old same old, the typical beatdown and scream for the sake of it, which just does nothing for me! I spent most of their set more entertained by the crowds circle pits and an epic ‘Wall Of Death’.

Main Headliners: –

Amon Amarth entered the venue to an absolutely stunning rendition of ‘War Of The Gods’ and made it abundantly clear from the off that they meant business and the save the world solo sounded absolutely EPIC! The entire set was so tight and full of energy and the performance nothing short of phenomenal. Vocalist Johan Hegg was great at working the crowd and some of the banter was genious the ‘I want you all to sing along, It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the words, its death metal no one will notice anyway’ bit during ‘The Pursuit Of Vikings’ particularly creased me up! They continued to blast their way through a setlist of songs from the new album ‘Surtur Rising’ mixed in with a few classics. The encore consisting of ‘Twilight Of The Thunder God’ and ‘Guardians Of Asgaard’ was a brilliant way to close off the show! I thoroughly enjoyed myself last night and it has to be said that Amon Amarth are definitely a band I will see again and one that I’d recommend anyone seeing.

Highlights: –

I don’t think it is possible to choose any particular highlights from the show because simply Amon Amarth were so consistantly brilliant throughout.



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