Superheavy – Superheavy – Review

I meant to write this review a couple of weeks ago when the album came out but I kept getting distracted but today I have had the chance to complete it. Superheavy formed of Mick Jagger, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart, Damian Marley and A. R. Rahman released their self titled album composed of 12 tracks, recorded during 10 days in a studio that led to 35 hours of music before being cut down. What could have been a completely crazy and unworkable group of influences and musicians have actually made a really boisterous and fun album.

Opening track the self titled ‘Superheavy’ is a brilliantly fun song and a great way to start the album and sets the tone for the album quite well, all of the artists are involved and Damian Marley in particular turns out to be the stand out performer (a theme for the album actually). Lead single ‘Miracle Worker’ is a great pop reggae song in which the vocal chemistry between Joss Stone and Damian Marley is at its best, Mick Jagger comes in so preposterously OTT you can all most hear the spittle coming from his lips. ‘Energy’ living up to its name is another energetic song which slightly disturbingly sees Jagger attempting to rap which perhaps even more disturbingly seems to work! There is also some nice cohesion between Jagger and Stone for this song. ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is the main song in which A.R. Rahman gets to show what he is about as the song starts with a really beautifully sung piece of what I can only describe as Bollywood music. Rahman’s string arrangements and vocals are brilliant for this song and make you wonder why for large parts of the album he was on more of a back burner; Damian Marley again provides some great vocals.

Overall despite the eclectic bunch of musicians and influences involved this has turned out to be a pretty fun and decent collection of songs. My criticisms however would be that perhaps A.R. Rahman was under utilised and if I’m honest as blasphemous as it may sound Mick Jagger in places over powers the songs unnecessarily. The stand out performer for me on the album though without doubt is Damian Marley throughout the album his vocals are consistently the best, he works well no matter what genre the album delves into and seems to have built up an instant rapport with the others Joss Stone especially.

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

1. Superheavy
2. Unbelievable
3. Miracle Worker
4. Energy
5. Satyameva Jayate
6. One Day One Night
7. Never Gonna Change
8. Beautiful People
9. Rock Me Gently
10. I Can’t Take It No More
11. I Don’t Mind
12. World Keeps Turning

Recommended Tracks: –

‘Superheavy’, ‘Miracle Worker’, ‘Energy’, ‘Satyameva Jayate’


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