Katherine Jenkins – Daydream – Review

Katherine Jenkins returns with her eighth studio album ‘Daydream’, which see’s the Welsh mezzo-soprano return more to her classical roots and away from the flirtation with mainstream pop, that came from the last record with its covers of Evanescence’s ‘Bring Me To Life’ and Queens ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ among others. ‘Daydream’ still includes a couple of cross over tracks such as the Radio 2 played cover of Delta Goodrem’s ‘Break It To My Heart’, despite these couple of tracks Katherine seems to have realised that her strength lies in the classical field and as a result the tracklisting reflects this.

The rare and beautifully sung French rendition of the signature tune from Les Misrables ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ (J’Avais Reve d’Une Autre Vie) is the first of several stand out tracks on the album, chosen in French in part to show her multi-lingual ability (she sings in English, Welsh, Italian & French on ‘Daydream’) I also think it was done to differentiate away from a certain Scottish womans recent and rather famous rendition. I was extremely happy to see the choice of the Italian sung ‘L’alba Verra’ on the album as I am quite a big fan of Chopin and this is a truly stunning attempt. It is however final track ‘Abigail’s Song’ that steals the show, I remember watching last years Doctor Who Christmas special in absolute awe when Katherine Jenkins started singing, at that point I was desperate for the song to be released which it now has on ‘Daydream’ as a bonus track. Backed by some haunting choral chants and a magical original arrangement from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales (which was written with Katherine in mind as they knew she would be guest starring as abigail), her contribution to the Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol soundtrack is arguably the strongest original song of her career.

Overall the album is a really strong album that works at its best when Katherine embraces her Classical background, its well crafted with a good selection of songs and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

1 Black Is the Colour
2 Your Silhouette
3 Can’t Slow Down
4 J’avais Reve d’une Autre Vie[I Dreamed a Dream]
5 Carrickfergus
6 L’ Alba Verra
7 And This Is My Beloved
8 Love Divine (Hyfrydol)
9 Ave Maria
10 A Flower Tells a Story
11 Break It to My Heart
12 Blaenwern
13 Abigail’s Song (From Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol)

Recommended Tracks : –

‘Abigail’s Song’, ‘J’avais Reve d’une Autre Vie’, ‘Ave Maria’ & ‘L’Alba Verra’



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