Bombay Bicycle Club – The Brighton Dome – 30th September 2011 – Review

Last night saw me make the relatively short trip across to Brighton to see Bombay Bicycle Club at the Dome, as a result i will review the show today, let me start by saying though how much i genuinely like the Dome as a venue, its not too big, has a great atmosphere, you get a good view and most importantly the sound is brilliant! I really wish i got to more shows there or more venues of this calibre existed!

Support: –

First band up were an up and coming indie band from Nottingham called ‘Dog Is Dead’, despite the strange name i was pleasantly surprised by them they were really good, they had some great vocal harmonies going on between the band members and had some really nice catchy tunes. The second support came from ‘Dry The River’ who to be honest were distinctly o.k. nothing special or memorable just 30 minutes of average indie songs played pretty well.

Main Headliner: –

I have to be totally honest and say that before seeing Bombay Bicycle Club last night I wasn’t particularly sure what to expect or to be frank overly familiar with their first album. I remember seeing some footage of Bombay Bicycle Club performing material from their second album ‘Flaws’ and being impressed, so when my brother said he was going to see them in support of their soon to be released third album I decided to tag along. Thankfully I’m glad i did as not only is their latest album great their performance last night was stunning, they were really tight and put on a great show. Playing mainly a mix of the first and third albums with a couple of songs from ‘Flaws’ thrown in for good measure Bombay Bicycle Club storm their way through an hour and half of brilliance, I’m really glad they played ‘Ivy & Gold’ as I genuinely love that song, set opener ‘Shuffle’ was a phenomenal way to start the show and the inclusion of ‘Still’ in the encore was inspired!

Highlights: –

To be honest the whole night was good and Bombay Bicycle Club were on top form, if I had to choose highlights though i would probably go with ‘Ivy & Gold’, ‘Shuffle’ and ‘Always Like This’.

Setlist –

Normally i’d put the setlist here but i’m not familiar enough with the material to make it and I haven’t been able to find it anywhere so I’ll have to forgoe that today!



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