Wedgewood Rooms – Showcase Final – Review

I know this comes a few days late but between coming back from Germany and a couple of other things i haven’t had the time to focus on this until now. Made up from the 2 best bands from each Semi Final and one wildcard entry the final is made up of 5 bands vying to win.

The Planes

1st up were The Planes, having made it through in the same Semi Final as Zenthetix I remember quite liking them the first time round and truth be told I liked them even more the second time. I thought that they put on a really good tight, strong performance, it was full of energy and they really do have some catchy songs. They were a great way to start off the night and definitely a band I may check out again sometime sooner rather than later.


Up next are Contra, I thought that they put on a tight performance and have some sturdy Rock songs, it was also good to hook up with AdDem again who i haven’t seen in quite a long time. Truth be told though i think Contra were undone by the fact there were 3 other bands on monumental form this night and the fact that as much as i enjoyed watching them everytime i saw AdDem i couldn’t help but think i wish it was Dragon Eye Morrison!

Eden In Vain

I’m not gonna say much about these as I made my opinions quite clear last time and i don’t want to slate them for the sake of it, all I will say is I still personally don’t get the appeal of them and the hundreds of clone bands that are around at the moment!

Offbeat Offensive

Next comes the eventual Showcase winners Offbeat Offensive, I thought that their performance was incredibly tight and showed the professionalism of a band that have been together playing for quite a while. The crowd interaction was brilliant and they definately knew how to get the place bouncing. The problem for me was I’m not in anyway a fan of Ska, I never have been and almost certainly never will be, for me i find it quite boring and repetitive, but thats me! The majority of the crowd enjoyed it however and i can definitely appreciate a great live performance when i see one!


Up next were the once again frankly phenomenal ZenthetiX, they knew they needed to raise their game for the final and once again they achieved this. The crowd was really pro them and as such it created a fantastic atmosphere which I think pushed the band even harder. The impromptu Jazz that comes from watching ZenthetiX never ceases to crack me up and Ben’s bass solo in ‘Side to Side’ is stunning. I know I mention set closer ‘Hydrate’ everytime I review ZenthetiX but GENUINELY it is one of my favourite songs around at the moment! ZenthetiX were without a doubt my Pick for the night to win overall.

Overall it was a good night with some good bands and some stunning performances from them. Although the judges overall didn’t make the call the same way I did (I thought Zenthetix or The Planes were the Top contenders) I had a great time and I really can’t argue against the merits of The Offbeat Offensive winning as they did put on a really good show, it is only my own preference musically that meant they didn’t appeal to me, so my congratulations go out to The Offbeat Offensive for their win and well done to the others for making it to the final you helped make it a thoroughly enjoyable night.



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