07/09/2011 – Showcase Semi Final 2 – Wedgewood Rooms – Review

Last night I once again decided to descend on the Wedgewood Rooms for the showcase semi final having watched ZenthetiX make it there a couple of weeks back. Once again it was 5 bands that performed made up of the winners of from heats 6-10.

Cracking Amy: –

First band on were Cracking Amy, advertised as ‘Green Day meets the Sex Pistols with metal solos’ they did exactly what it said on the tin. I enjoyed the set played and thought that they performed well, their songs were all exactly what you expect from a pop-punk band, lots of palm muted chords and pounding drums, there were some nice solos and harmonies thrown in for good measure to. I can definitely see why they made it to the Semi-Final although i think on the night better bands prevailed.

Cosham Community Players Association

The first questions that have to be asked here are 1. How did they get to the Semi-Final? 2. How bad were the other bands in their heat for them to make it to the said Semi-Final? All I knew about the band before the performance is that they used instruments made by themselves, I thought that the concept of that was pretty good much in the way Seasick Steve uses home made instruments. The best way to describe their sound however is to imagine that you’ve died and gone to hell, the noise produced by CCPA would be the permanent soundtrack to hell. When they first took to the stage and started making noise i presumed it was a brief prelude before they started playing properly only to be left somewhat bemused 25 minutes later when the noise was ending.


TFO (aka The Founders Of) were the next band to grace the stage with their brand of ‘Jump Rock’, the first of the two bands to bring a large group of followers with them (the other being ZenthetiX). Their performance was decent and they certainly know how to work the crowd well, the set was full of bouncy and fun rock songs and they showed enough to see why they made the Semi. TFO were also the band i had ear marked as the 2nd probable band to progress due to the large following and the competance of their performance.


Up next were the frankly phenomenal ZenthetiX, every time I watch them I think that they surely cannot get better yet with every performance they seem to home in a little bit more and improve with every show. ZenthetiX for me last night were clearly the stand out winner, their set was purely stunning, they showed great professionalism aswell when they played on despite technical difficulties during ‘Onyx’ when they lost vocals & synths. Having watched them last night ZenthtiX have to be at this point considered a serious contender to win the Showcase outright as it will take something special to top this band on this kind of form. Set closer ‘Hydrate’ remains one of my favourite songs at the moment and it gets lodged in my head for days after.

The Planes

The final band of the night were the youngest by a country mile in ‘The Planes’, despite their tender age these guys put on a good performance and i think they have a lot of potential. Along with TFO I thought that they were the other main contender to go through with ZenthetiX, they had some really good catchy Indie songs and were much better than the average Indie bands (of which I’ve seen many) that you find around the local music scene. All in all I think it may be interesting to see these guys again in a few months (after the 22nd) to see how they’ve continued to Progress.

Overall it was a decent night in which one band truly stood out above the rest, one band left me asking Why? and How? and the other three artists were decent in which I thought 2 had a genuine shot of making the Final, the judges unsuprisingly went with ‘ZenthetiX’ as a finalist together with the slightly more suprising choice of ‘The Planes’, to be honest it is probably the same way i would have gone as i can see the potential in ‘The Planes’ however I did believe on the night it was going to go to ‘TFO’ who also had a good claim for the 2nd place in the final.



2 thoughts on “07/09/2011 – Showcase Semi Final 2 – Wedgewood Rooms – Review

  1. CCPA – genius…. in a land of identikit indie surly doing something different should be applauded… i saw them in the heats and stood smiling for 30 minutes…. bokers/genius/mad/brilliant in equal measures…. i think the band know they arent going to play knebworth anytime soon but they are what they are..challenging and daring to do something out of the normal…. whilst they arent going to be a mainstream band or liked by many i for one think that should be praised

  2. I appreciate they are doing something different and i’m glad that you enjoyed them as did obviously a few others, however it doesn’t deter the fact that to me it was nothing more than 30 minutes of meaningless noise and feedback. Some like yourself will argue that i’m wrong and i’m sure plenty would argue i’m right, as with all things music is divisive and the world would be a boring place if it wasn’t and everyone agreed.

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