Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra – Last Night Of The Proms – Broadlands – Review

Thanks To Ned Awty For The Spectacular Action Shot!!

Having last night gone to see an orchestra for the first time ever last night I thought I’d review the experience today. The good thing about making the first visit to an orchestra being a ‘Last Night Of The Proms’ performance guarantees that you will almost certainly know everything played as its always the night for the famous songs aswell as the traditional patriotic ones! Add to this the fact they’ll put on a monumental firework display during the second set along with massive fire walls the likes of which Rammstein would be proud add to the experience.

Having predominantly in my life only attended Rock/Metal concerts (a few dance/folk in between) the notion of seeing the Orchestra was novel to me, even if a little alien. The performances were brilliant and faultless which never ceased to amaze me throughout the night especially as there are so many musicians on stage to synchronise. For me the highlight (fireworks and pyromania aside) was probably the rendition of Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’ which was masterfully performed in all of it’s epic glory! Overall I genuinely had a great night last night and was blown away by the musical proficiency of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, my only complaint would be it simply wasn’t loud enough in the places where the songs were mellow and quiet it was at times hard to hear (although that could be all my years of loud concerts). It was a brilliant experience and definitely one which I intend on repeating having ear marked a couple of the BSO’s shows in Portsmouth a possibility, I can also guarantee that should it be on again next year i will be making the short trip to Broadlands to once again enjoy a good night out!

Setlist: –

Wagner : The Mastersingers Overture
Rossini : William Tell Overture
J Williams : Across the Stars (Star Wars Love Theme)
Handel : The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba
Saint-Saens : Danse Macabre
J Strauss : Champagne Polka
J Strauss : Thunder & Lightning Polka
J Strauss : Radetsky March

20 Minute Interlude

Tchaikovsky : 1812 Overture
J Williams : Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Wood : Barwick Green (The Archers)
Vaughan Williams : Fantasia on Greensleeves
Wood : Fantasia on British Sea Songs
Arne : Rule Britannia
Parry : Jerusalem
Elgar : Pomp & Circumstance March No.1
+ 2 more Songs unadvertised one of which was definitely Brahm’s.



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