Maybeshewill – I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone – Review

This is the third album from the Leicester Post-Rock outfit and to be honest until about 5 or 6 days ago I’d never even heard of them! I was sent a recommendation via spotify by a good friend of mine and having now listened to it a few times really got a feel for it. Completely different to pretty much everything else in my music collection just by the fact it’s a completely instrumental project, I was surprised by how much i enjoyed it without even noticing the lack of vocals.

“Take This To Heart”, which follows the piano laden intro “Opening” gives you a strong indication for what you can expect on the album, buzzing guitars, a driving drum rhythm, solid bass lines, string sections and some brilliant piano melodies that glue all the parts together with a sense of perfect cohesion. “Red Paper Lanterns” and “Critical Distance” are in my opinion the two strongest tracks on the album, following in succession of each other leaving you a wonderfully dreamlike sequence of melodies and guitar layers. The main riffs brilliantly fit over the bulk of the instruments and takes you on a soaring journey where as next track “Critical Distance” is a more straight forward number that emphasises a simple picked melody with a nifty drum beat before it converts into a frenzy of layered sound, in which Maybeshewill’s chord progressions and musical transitions between sections play out superbly.

I can’t compare this album to previous efforts as I’ve not heard the other albums, what i can do though is highly recommend this album on its own merit, this is a really exciting well written album composed of great tunes that stand alone without the need for vocals. For me when music is instrumental it has to be that 10% better again as the music is the only thing that can be critiqued, “I Was Here For a Moment, Then I Was Gone” not only stands alone it left me in awe of much of the musicianship. If you are unsure about instrumental music as I was make this one of the first albums you listen to, you may also be pleasantly surprised!

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

1. Opening
2. Take This to Heart
3. Red Paper Lanterns
4. Critical Distance
5. Accolades
6. An End to Camaraderie
7. Words For Arabella
8. Farewell Sarajevo
9. Relative Minors
10. To the Skies From a Hillside

Recommended Tracks: –

The whole album!! It flows brilliantly from track to track and would be almost criminal to single out tracks and not play them as they are meant to be!



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