Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Debut 1st Single

In Keeping with the recent trend of new singles being released today saw Noel Gallagher release his first solo single ‘The Death Of You And Me’, i heard it’s premiere play earlier today on Radio 2 and couldn’t really hear it properly over the noise of the work place, having got home i’ve now had a chance to listen to it a couple of times and have so far come to the decision that it’s ok, nothing more, nothing less. To be honest i wasn’t really expecting a massive change in direction, much like Liam’s band Beady Eye is a lot like the later much more disappointing Oasis stuff that was more Liam inspired (For me odd few tracks apart all of which are Noel inspired Oasis is all about the ‘Definately Maybe’ (first album i ever bought), ‘What’s The story Morning Glory’ and ‘Masterplan’ albums) this track sounds like a more typical Noel Led Oasis song, anyway judge for yourselves people. Hope You Enjoy!!



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