K’Junga – Edge Of The Wedge – Review

Decided tonight to go into Portsmouth and see my mate Tom’s band again tonight as they were playing, it’s the first time i’ve ever been in the Edge Of The Wedge for a gig as generally it’s in the Wedgewood Rooms themselves, despite basically being the bar/pub out side the Wedge it worked reasonably well as a venue. K’Junga tonight once again put on a good show despite being sandwiched between 3 ‘Rar Raarr’ bands… (sorry i will never get the point of bands that beat their guitars to make sound, scream for no reason and have to include obligitory Beatdowns!!) This aside K’Junga were as tight as ever, although they were let down in the 1st song by the soundman slightly as one of the guitars was too high in the mix and the vocals far too low, this was soon corrected though and the rest of the set all passed really well, it was good to see ‘The End’ back in the set i really like that song! Once again though i’m not convinced by the set closer, i’m not sure if it’s just me or not but i just couldn’t really get into the song and was left again wondering why it was chosen to end the set, that minor point aside a once again thoroughly enjoyable show.



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