Foo Fighters – Milton Keynes Bowl – 2nd July 2011 – Review

Having yesterday been lucky enough to go to the Milton Keynes bowl to see the Foo Fighters i thought it would make sense to review the show today so here goes.

Support: –

The support for this show came from Tame Impala, Death Cab For A Cutie And Biffy Clyro. I really can’t say much about Tame Impala as we took the opportunity when they were on to go grab something to eat but what we did hear didn’t overly do much for me. Next up were Death Cab For A Cutie who i found honestly quite boring most of their songs were extremely repetitive and i found myself more entertained by the random drunk guys doing roly poly’s down the hill. Next up is where things began to change with the frankly brilliant Biffy Clyro putting on another barnstorming performance (10th time seeing them and they’ve never let me down) and as an added bonus we even get treated to a new song! in an hour-long performance.

Main Headliners: –

Foo’s take to the stage almost exactly on time at 8:15pm and have a 2 and 1/2 hour set to take full advantage of and that’s exactly what they did starting out with a couple of new tracks ‘Bridge Burning’ & ‘Rope’ before some of the classics started coming out. As I’m not overly familiar with the newer songs it took me a little while to get into the show but once i did there was no looking back. In typical Foo Fighters fashion they always like to put on extra special shows in the UK and once again they didn’t let us down as they were joined by Queen Drummer Roger Taylor for a rendition of ‘Cold Day In The Sun’ as sung by Taylor Hawkins. They Continue to work their way though classics and new songs alike until we get an extra special encore, Dave Grohl performs ‘Wheels’ solo before the band hits back in half way through the Grohl started ‘Times Like These’, a cover comes next before Grohl exclaims there is another friend they want to introduce, an artist that was responsible for Pat Smear picking up a guitar, at this point Grohl introduces the one and only ALICE COOPER as the foo’s go on to perform ‘School’s Out’ and ‘I’m 18’ before closing on the only song that could top what had come before ‘Everlong’, overall a brilliant show capped off by a fireworks display the chinese would have been proud of!

Highlights: –

A great set from Biffy Clyro, Alice Cooper coming out for a couple of songs and the undeniably Epic ‘Everlong’ to close!

Setlist: –

‘Bridge Burning’
‘The Pretender’
‘My Hero’
‘Learn to Fly’
‘White Limo’
‘Cold Day in the Sun’ (with Roger Taylor) (Taylor Hawkins lead vocals)
‘Long Road to Ruin’
‘Stacked Actors’
‘Dear Rosemary’ (with Bob Mould)
‘Monkey Wrench’
‘Let It Die’
‘Best of You’
‘Skin and Bones’
‘All My Life’


‘Wheels’ (Dave solo)
‘Times Like These’ (Dave solo for the start)
‘Young Man Blues’ (Mose Allison cover)
‘School’s Out’ (Alice Cooper cover) (with Alice Cooper)
‘I’m Eighteen’ (Alice Cooper cover) (with Alice Cooper)



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