Music News – 30/06/2011

This week starts with Lou Reed saying that he believes his collaborative project with Metallica is “the best thing done by anyone, ever.” Speaking in New York Magazine, Reed revealed he and the thrash titans have re-recorded some of the music he wrote as a score for a musical version of German playwright Frank Wedekind’s Lulu. Reed said: “The version of the Lulu music I did with Metallica is awe inspiring. It’s maybe the best thing done by anyone, ever. It could create another planetary system. I’m not joking, and I’m not being egotistical.” He added that the Metallica aided version of the material “will probably come out by November.” Metallica return to the UK next weekend to headline Sonisphere Festival, while Reed himself plays Hop Farm Festival this weekend, as well as two dates in London and Wolverhampton next week.

Also this week Frank Turner has said he believes Rock ‘n’ Roll is a “dumbed down art form“, but that is why he likes it so much. Speaking to Kerrang!, the ex-Million Dead frontman has said he believes that Rock ‘n’ Roll celebrates a “desire to get drunk, dance, kiss pretty girls and stay up too late.” He said: “Rock ‘n’ Roll is a dumbed down art form and that’s why I like it. I don’t want it to be classical music or metaphysical poetry; I want it to be Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s a celebration of the adolescent impulses that stay with us for the rest of our lives: that desire to get drunk, dance, kiss pretty girls and stay up too late. Whenever it gets deeper than that, people have missed the point.” Turner, who recently released his fourth solo album ‘England Keep My Bones’, announced his largest ever UK tour earlier this month.

Finally this week it was announced that Nirvana’s legendary headlining performance at Reading Festival in 1992 is to be screened at this year’s Reading And Leeds Festivals. Kurt Cobain and co will get the big screen treatment on the Alternative Stage on the opening night at Leeds and the closing evening at Reading at the August 26-28 event. The gig, which was considered one of the grunge band’s best, was notorious due to Cobain coming onstage in a wheelchair and wearing a white hospital robe for the duration of the set. The 27-song set included covers of Boston’s ‘More Than A Feeling’, Fang’s ‘The Money Will Roll Right In’ and ‘The Star Spangled Banner’. Confirming the screening plans to NME, Arts Booker at organiser Festival Republic, Tania Harrison, explained that the original plan was to screen the gig in 3D. Although this idea has now been shelved she suggested it could be looked at again for the 20th anniversary of the set at next year’s festival. “It was such a legendary performance that so many people haven’t seen – so we had to do it. It was one of those seminal moments that changed everything – which is what Reading’s all about,” she commented.



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