Biffy Clyro – Revolutions – CD/DVD – Review

Having today recieved my Ultra Limited edition tinset of the new Biffy Clyro live CD/DVD set (which i bought for the sole purpose of getting the entire setlist as apposed to the standard release that is missing 6 songs) i thought i’d review the set having just this moment finished watching it.

Having personally been at the London Wembley Arena show, the DVD brings back alot of great memories from a brilliant show, the DVD itself has been really well recorded and captures the performance and the energy of the show amazingly. The release of a Live DVD has been long over due for a band that has been going for as long as Biffy and having seen Biffy several times myself (This saturday supporting Foo’s will be the 10th) i can honestly say that the DVD favourably captures the experience of seeing the band live. It manages to present the raw power of songs such as ‘That Golden Rule’, ‘There’s No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake’ etc.. but also beautifully preserves the delicate songs ‘Folding Stars’, ‘Diary Of Always’ and ‘Machines’.

Overall it’s a stunning recording showcasing a band on the top of their game, which plays all bar one song of ‘Only Revolutions’, a few from Puzzle and a sprinking of old classics to keep the die hards happy (Although to get most of the old classics you will need to purchase the extended version only available on the Biffy Clyro website for £9.99 Link, but it is worth it!). This CD/DVD set is something that Biffy Clyro fans old and new will treasure into their collections and well worth buying.

Setlist: –

1 The Captain
2 Booooom, Blast & Ruin
3 57
4 Bubbles
5 Born on A Horse
6 God & Satan
7 Whorses
8 Joy. Discovery. Invention
9 All The Way Down; prologue/chapter 1
10 That Golden Rule
11 Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies
12 Shock Shock
13 9/15ths
14 Folding Stars
15 Diary of Always
16 Machines
17 Who’s Got A Match
18 Saturday Superhouse
19 Know Your Quarry
20 There’s No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake
21 Many of Horror
22 Glitter & Trauma
23 Justboy
24 As Dust Dances
25 Mountains



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