Classic Album – Green Day – Dookie – Review

Having the other day found Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ at a car boot sale for the measly sum of 50p I bought it. Having listened to it again for the first time in a long time, it reminded me why I used to love Green Day, before they completely sold their souls on the ‘American Idiot’ (Which to be fair is a good album) and the frankly abysmal ‘21st Century Breakdown’ albums.

This album is responsible for many of Green Day’s biggest and most recognisable tracks, ‘Longview’ starts with Tre’s nice tom roll before what is to this day probably the best bass line that the band have written comes in, then the obligatory catchy sing along chorus caps the song. ‘Welcome to Paradise’ this is the song that truly shows Tre Cool’s worth as this is probably his best drumming works in what is a re-recording of a song from the ‘Kerplunk’ record, it also contains a really nice breakdown in the bridge, good song. This album also spawned what is without doubt one of the biggest pop-punk songs ever in the nothing short of brilliant ‘Basket Case’, impossible not to sing along to, catchy as anything, fun and a permanent feature in their setlist, this song always brings back memories of seeing them at Reading Festival 2004 (The last REAL Green Day show before they became the new Green Day) when for the 1st half of the song you couldn’t hear the vocals for the crowd!! ‘She’ is built around really nice driving bass, good complimentary drumming and one of the most sing along choruses on the album.

Overall: –

This album is vintage Green Day and a reminder of the ‘Good Old Day’s’ before the new politicised era that followed, ‘Dookie’ to this day is for me the stand out album that the band have produced, a pop-punk masterpiece if such a thing can exist, this album produced some of the best and most instantly recognisable songs of the 1990’s, has sold to this day over 10 million copies and will forever be regarded as a classic album.

Tracklisting: –

1. Burn out
2. Having a blast
3. Chump
4. Longview
5. Welcome to paradise
6. Pulling teeth
7. Basket case
8. She
9. Sassafras roots
10. When I come around
11. Coming clean
12. Emenius sleepus
13. In the end
14. F.O.D

Recommended Tracks: –

‘Longview’, ‘Welcome To Paradise’, ‘Basket Case’, ‘She’



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