Dragon Eye Morrison – The Kodiak – Review

Today i thought i’d review the latest Dragon Eye Morrison 3 track E.P. as it was released yesterday on the Amazon website, Dragon Eye Morrison are a band eminating from Portsmouth that i know well and have seen many times over the years, they are a hard hitting take no prisoners metal band who have really progressed over those years into a band that write some really great tunes, they also have one last trick up their sleeve in the form of Paul Hovey one of the best guitarists you’ll find outside of already established acts.

First track ‘Snake Route Road’ starts with a nice mellow intro before it begins to build towards the inevitable heavy break, some really nice riffing comes next before all hell is unleashed with the introduction of the vocals. ‘Wendigo Down’ follows and once again has a nice mellow intro before it breaks heavy, this song really shows the influence of Mastodon and Baroness on the band as there are parts that really remind me of them, despite this however they manage to keep their own twist on it, this song also has a really nice solo one of the highlights of the E.P. The final track on the E.P ‘The Black Fire’ is the song that reminds me most of the old school Dragon Eye Morrison sound that made me take notice of the band back when i first saw them, hard, heavy, fast and topped with vocal screams.

Overall: –

If you are looking for a new metal band to check out and you are a fan of Mastodon, Baroness and other heavy but technical bands then look no further, as you won’t find much better elsewhere, especially since you can buy this E.P. for just £2.07 at Amazon.

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

1. ‘Snake Route Road’
2. ‘Wendigo Down’
3. ‘The Black Fire’

Recommended Tracks: –

The Whole E.P Buy It Here



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