From Joy Division To New Order – Total – Review

This is the first album released to collate tracks from both Joy Division and the band that would follow after the death of Ian Curtis New Order, it also contains a new and previously unreleased track from New Order ‘Hellbent’. The album is split 5 songs from Joy Division and 13 from New Order, and i can’t help but think that this is a bit of a mistake as I genuinely believe that this overlooks some great songs and even the legacy of Joy Division somewhat.

Total includes the obvious songs you would expect to find on a greatest hits for these two influential bands (even if it is one), ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ is there in its full glory a song that has become an indie anthem throughout the years, also ‘Transmission’, ‘Isolation’ And ‘Atmosphere’ all get their rightful place alongside the slightly stranger choice of ‘She’s Lost Control’. ‘True Faith’, ‘Crystal’, ‘World In Motion’, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ and probably the biggest anthem of the 80’s certainly one of the most successful ‘Blue Monday’ all feature for New Order. New track ‘Hellbent’ is worth a mention as this is genuinely quite a good track and seems to capture the band at their vibrant best.

Overall if you don’t own a greatest hits of New Order then this is definitely worth a buy especially as you get those few Joy Division tracks and a new song to boot, however i can’t help but feel that they have dropped the ball slightly and that perhaps this should have been a double cd set one made up of Joy Division the other New Order to provide a better balance and a genuine reflection of the pioneering sounds of both bands.

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

1. Joy Division: “Transmission”
2. Joy Division: “Love Will Tear Us Apart”
3. Joy Division: “Isolation”
4. Joy Division: “She’s Lost Control”
5. Joy Division: “Atmosphere”
6. New Order: “Ceremony”
7. New Order: “Temptation”
8. New Order: “Blue Monday”
9. New Order: “Thieves Like Us”
10. New Order: “The Perfect Kiss”
11. New Order: “Bizarre Love Triangle”
12. New Order: “True Faith”
13. New Order: “Fine Time”
14. New Order: “World in Motion”
15. New Order: “Regret”
16. New Order: “Crystal”
17. New Order: “Krafty”
18. New Order: “Hellbent”

Recommended Tracks: –

‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Transmission’, ‘Blue Monday’, ‘True Faith’


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