Classic Album – AC/DC – Back In Black – Review

*This Is A Repost*

This album is the definitive AC/DC album instead of this album having the AC/DC sound this album cemented the AC/DC sound. This album is rock in its purest form and the chemistry between Angus and Malcolm young is phenomenal. After the death of Bon Scott many thought that AC/DC would die along with him however this their first album since his death and the first with Brian Johnson ironically became their biggest and best album.

Track By Track Guide: –

1. Hells Bells:

From the opening bells of this song, to that unforgettable Angus riff, it starts the album full of intensity, an intensity that doesn’t stop at any point throughout the album. Finally a brilliant solo caps off the song and what is probably the closest AC/DC have come to writing a masterpiece.

2. Shoot to Thrill:

I can see this being a great driving song, it just has that racing feel to it, it’s fast, it has a great looping riff, and it is very upbeat. Everything flows really well in this song and it’s a great follow up to ‘Hells Bells’, it offers a couple of great solos and the really good drums and bass supplied by Phil Rudd and Cliff Williams respectively complete a solid rock song. What more could you ask for from an AC/DC song?

3. What Do You Do For Money?:

The first song on this album that takes us to one of AC/DC’s favourite topics, women. A great blues tone and a REALLY dirty sounding riff are the basis for this song, Brian Johnson’s vocals are brilliant and that familiar AC/DC sound continues here with another solo and a different set of lyrics good song.

4. Given The Dog A Bone:

This is probably the most average song on this album, with a constant riff that seems to go up and down unfortunately it gets a little repetitive. This song however does host a rather good fast paced shred solo.

5. Let Me Put My Love Into You:

This song is full of power more so than any of the songs on the album. This song houses some great staccato bass that follows the drum beat well with a real overall bluesy feel. The intent of this song is clear from the outset and if you listen to this song with your partner you better have come prepared!

6. Back In Black:

The title song and arguably AC/DC’s most famous song, if you haven’t heard this song than you’ve never heard AC/DC. The riff that begins this song is world famous and has been used for years in different things. This is one of those songs that when you hear it makes you want to learn guitar and if you play I guarantee at some point you’ve learnt and played this song. Truly epic a timeless classic!!

7. You Shook Me All Night Long:

Back to the subject of women, this time a song about a liaison. This is one of AC/DC’s most popular songs it’s unbelievably catchy almost poppy whilst maintaining an honest rock sound. A good naturally distorted intro into a pounding drumbeat before we kick in, this song is rounded off well with a good solo and refrain, probably my favourite song on the album and just leaves you wanting to get down and dirty.

8. Have A Drink On Me:

This song includes some pretty cool guitar work which effectively is an excellent blues song, you can picture it being played in a good old rib joint in Kansas City, and the song would fit perfectly. It’s moderately paced, but sounds both fast and slow at the same time (if that’s possible). Guitar solo? you ask, damn straight and a good one too.

9. Shake A Leg:

This is a great and much underrated song that you can’t help but tap your foot to, it’s very powerful with some lyrics that seem to make no sense, but hell, it’s still great. It’s got a catchy, ascending riff, and an amazing solo (the best on the album and probably one of Angus’ best full stop), it’s very upbeat and is definitely one song you should not pass over.

10. Rock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution:

This song starts out slowly with Brian Johnson talking to the listener in the background before suddenly the rest of the band joins in and it launches its way into a defiant rock song that is the perfect closer to the album. Only AC/DC could write a song about what they do and make it sound incredible whilst reminding us why we listen to Rock And Roll.

Impression: –

Finally this album is the very epitome of Rock And Roll and will continue to stand the test of time for many years to come in the same way that ‘Master Of Puppets’, Number Of The Beast’, ‘Ace Of Spades’ And ‘Appetite For Destruction’ to name but a few will. This album is a must have in any CD collection and is without doubt their best album and according to Wikipedia is the 2nd best selling album of all time on worldwide sales with over 49 million sales and lets face it all those people can’t be wrong.


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