Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones – Review

Frank Turner returns with his first full album release since 2009’s highly successful ‘Poetry of the Deed’ the new album ‘England Keep My Bones’ is set to be released on Monday (6th June). With Frank Turner’s decision to stream the album in it’s entirety on the NME website I’ve decided to review it now. The former Million Dead front man returns with another album of acoustic driven Folk/Punk songs, consisting of the perfect combination of self-loathing, doubt, angst and pure unadulterated drunken glory!

Opening track ‘Eulogy’ although only 1:34 in length is triumphantly anthemic, and lyrically and musically really sets the tone for all that follows as he ends the song with “Well I haven’t always been a perfect person, I haven’t done what mum and dad have dreamed, but on the day I die I’ll say “at least I fucking tried!” that’s the only eulogy I need!”. The second track comes in the form of the first single ‘Peggy Sang The Blues’ as posted in video form yesterday, this in many ways is the typical Frank Turner single an upbeat acousto-rock sing along song and is a decent song but it’s other tracks that really capture the attention on the album. ‘I Still Believe’ will almost certainly be the next single as this is a massive song, its fun, up-tempo and keeps to Frank’s uncanny ability to write huge sing along chorus’ “now who’d have thought, that after all, something as simple as Rock ’n’ Roll would save us all!”. ‘Rivers’ is a slower track with some great melodies, and sung with all the gusto and passion you always get from Frank whether it be in front of hundreds of people or one person in a bedroom, the song somewhat touches on Frank’s personal and cultural identities and is a semi nostalgic view of his travels around Britain. ‘English Curse’ in somewhat of a brave move is solely a vocal track, and is sang in the style of an old hymn/shanty, it is pulled off well though mainly due to the strong vocal ability that Turner possesses. I couldn’t complete this review without mentioning the quite frankly brilliant final track, the somewhat ironically titled ‘Glory Hallelujah’, this is my favourite track on the album and is Frank Turner’s self-proclaimed ‘atheist anthem’. Amazingly upbeat, heart warming, fun and the albums finest moment that will leave you grooving and without doubt singing along “There is no god, So clap your hands together, There is no god, No heaven and no hell, There is no god, We’re all in this together, There is no god, so ring that victory bell!’.

Frank Turner seems to be one of those artists with the ability to write not just great songs but great albums and once again he manages that with ‘England Keep My Bones’. From it’s upbeat moments to its down tempo points the album keeps you gripped as it well produced, brilliantly and passionately sung and most importantly when so many others are trying to be overly serious, Turner is anything but and as a result this album is fun!

Rating: –


Tracklisting: –

1. Eulogy
2. Peggy Sang The Blues
3. I Still Believe
4. Rivers
5. I Am Disappeared
6. English Curse
7. One Foot Before The Other
8. If Ever I Stray
9. Wessex Boy
10. Nights Become Days
11. Redemption
12. Glory Hallelujah

Recommended Tracks: –

‘I Still Believe’, ‘Rivers’, ‘English Curse’, ‘Glory Hallelujah’



2 thoughts on “Frank Turner – England Keep My Bones – Review

  1. Good review, it’s a great album, its been on major rotation since i bought it on monday.

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